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    February 2020 Picture of the Month: "Why can't I.....?"

    Minnie Why can’t I ever have the couch to myself!
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    Post Your Cats Sun Bathing

    The girls sunbathing... me, my mom,, and Mikki😊
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    Contest March 2019 Picture Of The Month: Literary Cats

    Minnie was well “ versed”
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    Decorative Or Covered Litter Box Questions

    Thank you! I’ve been searching Pinterest so will check it out! And I get that about the multi cat thing.
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    Decorative Or Covered Litter Box Questions

    I have seen that one while searching! Thank you for your reply ... I do like these alternatives rather than a litter box just sitting somewhere.
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    Decorative Or Covered Litter Box Questions

    Ok thanks.. I’ll wait and see
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    Decorative Or Covered Litter Box Questions

    Hi y’all, We are downsizing and Molly is used to going in a storage cabinet in our utility room where I took off a door and stuck her litter box but that’s not an option in the new house. Anyone use creative litter box hiding techniques that their kitty has a good experience with? The previous...
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    Flea Prevention Question

    Thank you
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    Flea Prevention Question

    Kinda my thinking too
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    Flea Prevention Question

    We may be moving to a home with a screened in porch and I would love to let Molly go out there. We have never used any flea prevention before since she’s only indoors plus we are in Arizona with an all stone landscape. Would you treat her automatically?
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    Post a picture of your cat yawning ;)

    Selfie gone wrong