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    Colloidal Silver usage for cats' health in some occasions?

    Ambermay,   I sympathize with your loss.  It is so hard to go through.  I lost one of my most precious cats that way.  You don't ever get over it but the pain eases and you find others that need your love and care which helps them and you.  Anything that has such a deep capacity to love us so...
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    Feline Herpes Virus (FVR) Advice

    It is so sad what these poor herpes kitties go through.  It is great to see so many dedicated owners going through so much to help their babies.  What a nightmare noxcnx has been going through to medicate their cat. Hello to everyone looking for help for their poor kitties having eye troubles...
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    Chicken Crumbles as cat litter.

    Okay, I am back to let everyone know who Is thinking of using chicken crumbles that chick starter crumbles clump MUCH tighter and better than the laying crumbles.  So I want to thank bigperm20 for posting and recommending the Dumor chick starter crumbles from tractor supply.  I was scared to...
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    Colloidal Silver usage for cats' health in some occasions?

    Ambermay, I want to thank you for taking the time to post your story and successful experience with Colloidal Silver, CS.  Also thanks for sharing such amazing photos; they should be in a calendar!   Thanks to all of you who are putting out your proven, helpful healing information.  I know that...
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    Comment by 'lisa j tx' in media 'IMG_2282.JPG'

    Another calendar photo!
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    Comment by 'lisa j tx' in media 'LL'

    SPECTACULAR!  Another great calendar shot.  What a blessing to see such beauty.  Art requires an Artist and Design requires a Designer.
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    Comment by 'lisa j tx' in media 'IMG_2772.JPG'

    She is so unusual and incredibly beautiful!  Thanks for sharing so beauty for us to enjoy.
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    Comment by 'lisa j tx' in media 'IMG_3319a.jpg'

    Wow, what a spectacular photo!!!  Has her eye color been altered with a computer or are here eyes this amazing?  What a gorgeous kitty!  It should be a calendar photo -it is better than any I have ever seen.  Makes me think: art requires and Artist; design requires a Designer.  Thank you for...
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    Comment by 'lisa j tx' in media 'IMG_2493.JPG'

    So beautiful and a great angle.  Her nose looks like the way clouds get a silver lining from the sun.  Thanks for sharing the photos for all of us to enjoy.
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    Eye problem (warning graphic pictures)

    @Dolphinmedan    I too am so sorry to hear of your great loss.  They were blessed pets to have someone who loved them so much as you did.  Sweet Blue could have never made it that long on her own without your tender loving care.  You were great at trying so hard to get her the help she needed...
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    Eye problem (warning graphic pictures)

    I sure hope sweet Blue got help for those ailing eyes.  I take in strays and have a fairly large herd of cats.  I have 13, all of them are now indoors except one scrappy tom cat that I had neutered last week along with his 5 kittens.  I can not imagine taking care of 50!  You rescuers are...
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    Feline Herpes virus and famciclovir

    Hi Kathleen / kate5, Thank you for your thoughtful message.  Sorry it took me so long to write back.  I will send you a private message.   I hope your babies are doing better and that they aren't clawing you up too much.  Keep us all updated on your progress. May God bless you and your...
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    Bottle Kitten - suspect Coccidia - how long before Albon works?

    Just a short update and another thank you to catwoman707.   I followed your dose recommendation for Ponazuril and they all are doing much better.  Hurray!!!  No more drippy, explosive diarrhea from Pipsqueek.  He is even more playful than he was.  He and one of his brothers, Scrumpy, still have...
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    Feline Herpes virus and famciclovir

    Hi sjack, And welcome to this great, helpful site.  I have gotten so much help from others on this site.  My kittens have had a very long battle with a hard to kill parasite that they got from birth (coccidia).  On this site and on a different thread, I found information about a new and better...
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    Feline Herpes virus and famciclovir

    Hi Kate5 (Kathleen), Thanks for your sweet message.  Wow, that medicine does cost a lot.  How many days do you have to keep up that difficult medicine schedule?  Jeorge sure sounds beautiful and unique.  You should post a photo of him.  I should do that with all of mine but I hate messing with...