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    Cat Behavior During Heat Wave

    Northwesterner? I have a long-haired stocky kitty and I had her belly shaved primarily because her fur gets tangled and she bites if I try to comb her belly. But the shaving also helps keep her cooler. She also is sitting on the kitchen floor. I have also used a damp washcloth and "bathe" her...
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    Off The Shelf/ Homemade Foods For Cat With Broken Bone

    I certainly understand. My boy Booberry was a stray cat initially that we fed so he wouldn't eat our birds at the birdfeeder. Like your cat, he went missing for a couple of weeks and came back constipated and clearly dragging one back leg. We thought it was a sprain and took him to the vet...
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    My Constipated Cat Got An Enema Today... Advice Needed Badly!!

    It would have been preferable for the kitty to actually poop before the vet released your cat. My vets don't see a point in sending a cat home who is still constipated. When they are constipated they probably aren't going to eat. There is no room. I'd call the vet and report your cat's...
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    Wellness Core Beef, Lamb, Venison

    I've thought that this particularly variety of Core always had a darker, drier look to it. But if I saw that it was greenish, I probably would have done just as you have.
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    Advice For Force Feeding Hepatic Lipidosis Kitty :(

    I didn't really measure it that closely. I had a blender set aside specifically for the A/D and added a little water and then a little more to make a slurry. I wanted it to be enough water to be able to easily go through the syringe (that went into the feeding tube) without stopping up. Once it...
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    Wet Or Dry Food, Which Is Really Better?

    Even cats that have been raised on wet food do not often like the premium brands. I bought some cans of Friskies canned pate because I was frustrated with throwing away $2.69 cans of food that was barely touched. They snarfed it like furry vacuums. All I could hear was kitty lip smacking. sigh.
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    Advice For Force Feeding Hepatic Lipidosis Kitty :(

    I sure hope the feeding tube works well. It really is the only way to get enough calories into your kitty. Hills A/D is the way to go at least until your cat is eating on his own. You should try to get him to eat 1/2 a can a feeding at least. That's a long time to syringe feed when you dilute...
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    Weird Sprouty Stuff Growing On A Variety Of Canned Cat Food After Opened

    Freaky! I have never seen that happen with canned food. I live in Lacey, so not terribly far and that's never happened to me. It definitely looks like some sort of insect egg or worm segment. Blech!
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    Vet Community Against Wet Food

    Any vet who would argue that wet food is filled with empty calories and fillers hasn't bothered to read an ingredient list on a can of wet food---or they have read the ingredient list on a can of science diet that they sell... My vets offer prescription food but they advocate very strongly for...
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    19-20 Year Old Male Cats?

    Wow kitties in their twenties! My Scooter is 18. He isn't as healthy as he once was though and I do not anticipate 19. :-(
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    Vet Did Not Finish Enema

    This had happened to Booberry. He was a stray cat. He came around fairly regularly but was so friendly we thought he had a home. But he didn't. He was gone for a couple of weeks and then pulled himself up the stairs to our deck. We took him to the vet, they scanned him for a chip (none) and then...
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    Vet Did Not Finish Enema

    It seems a vet should at least offer a stool softener to make it a bit easier to pass. The vet may have thought that such a thing wouldn't have helped the dry stool. Breaking it up does make it easier to pass. Digging out dry stool can be very painful and the vet may have been concerned about...
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    Am I Overreacting? My Cat Sitter Didn’t Check Water

    The sitter failed at two things that are important to any cat but especially to a cat with potential urinary issues: having clean, fresh water and a clean litter box. Those are basics of every day care for a cat.
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    Veterinarians And Your Cats

    I take my cats to a cat only clinic. They have 4 different vets that work there. I like the owner vet best, but most are pretty good. The staff is largely new and they are nice folks but still seem to be learning the practice. They also adopt out cats that folks surrender. It is how we got Halo...
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    Rabies Vaccine

    My cat Simone definitely had a reaction to the last Rabies shot. For days she was super lethargic and wouldn't eat. The vets suggested that I give her benadryl before the next shot. My other cats get a little sleepy but nothing beyond that She was born with a heart murmur. She's going to be 11...