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    Featured You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    First thing, even before peeing🚽
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    5 week old kitten

    Her forehead makes me think of Stripe from the first Gremlins movie...But I'm sure her demeanor will be much more pleasant
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    my parents refuse to take my cat to the vet

    Is there a neighbor that you can ask for help? A classmate with a driver's license? Can you call the nearest ASPCA or Humane Society shelter and ask for help it advice?
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    Do you talk to your cat in the third person [feline??]?

    I find myself telling Melody that, 'I don't need a kitty in the refrigerator' [where her kibble is kept], or, 'kitties don't need need that' [insert whatever], or, 'I could use a kitty up here to snuggle'. Do other people do this? Talk to their cat without using the cat's name and just saying...
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    Kibble soup

    The assassin cats have heard you and are on their way; run while you can!!
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    How is everyone's Quarantine with your cats going?

    Melody is taking extra precautions
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    Perplexing cat behaio

    I think she is just enjoying the more interesting smells coming from outside. Mine sits by any open (screened) door or window by preference.
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    May need to get out more...

    Melody was too busy eating the 'acceptable' kibble to pay attention to that conversation. (Sorry you poor things are not up to her standards, just rejects)
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    May need to get out more...

    First I was explaining to Melody why she couldn't have the wet food she'd rejected back; I'd replaced it with kibble. (Canned food eater morning and evening with kibble midway up the cat tree as a snack.) And I mean explaining in FULL sentences to her. Then, I am telling the bits of kibble she...
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    Prevent Cats from Jumping Over Baby Gate

    Glad you all were offering suggestions; I was still busy sniggering about using the vacuum to guard the gate :paperbag:
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    Being nosy and asking to hear about the melted peanut butter?
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    cat meowing at lizards and leaves.

    I call doves 'the meaty ones'; I figure they are slow at takeoff escapes and a more likely (and filling) meal.
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    Too Protective?

    Are they neutered?