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    OK whats in the bag?

    ohh. my cat would have been all over that bag.
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    ghosts in my new apt

    oh the poor kitten.
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    You could have heard a pin drop

    Freaking Sweet.
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    sweet. it is always nice to know you pets get along.
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    Someone hurt my cat!

    I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, i have been playing WoW(and worrying about Had of course) and i was over there the other day and both of the wounds are all closed up, there is just a little surface stuff left. i'm so glad things are alright, or will be soon.
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    Someone hurt my cat!

    i did live in a place where she was an inside kitty and she handled it pretty well. when i moved back to oregon she became inside/outside again and she is way happier. plus, my mother is taking care of her right now and she is allergic to any litter she can afford(the cheap stuff) and she just...
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    Nikita photos

    Ballet!! it shows her stomach markings really well.
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    How do you sleep?

    i totally agree. my boyfriend likes to sleep on his stomach while i do what you do. and George, sleeps either on my pillow, on us, beside me or in the small holes beside our bed. it is different everday. some mornings i wake up to him curled around my head, or by jakes head. then other mornings...
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    Somebody built a halfpipe under my window...

    that is great. in my old town sweet home they built a skate park across the street from the football field, an next to the district school office. there is kids there all the time, and the cops keep a pretty close eye on it. there was a big problem with skaters skating where they weren't...
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    1 day old kittens

    how horrible! it will be hard but i know you can do it. plus, think how rewarding it will be when they grow up. here's vibes for you and the poor kittens
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    Public libraries

    i wish. my library isn't bad, actually it is one of the best in the state. it is probably a smaller, less grand version of yours. but i still wish it was bigger, and that they separated the fiction out. you know, science fiction, romance, westerns, that sort of thing. they have enough books to...
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    Public libraries

    I love the public library. i have outstanding fees right now but as soon as i get them paid i will be checking out my customary 12-16 at a time. i would rather buy them and collect them but i don't have the money. i need a bigger bookshelf as is.
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    I got attacked by a dog today

    How horrible! such a good thing your son was sleeping. i don't think i would let him get the mail anymore. what a horrible neighbor. what kind of owner doesn't at least train their animals to NOT attack people. i always train my pets. it isn't formal training, but by the time they are grown up...
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    Someone hurt my cat!

    the surgery would have the dead flesh cleaned off, and the wound closed. there was gonna have to be a double layer of stiches cause there was deeper gashes inside the wound. it would have kept the chances of infection way lower. i would rather have gotten the surgery but... and the people that...
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    Drives me nuts

    jake leaves his stuff everywhere. and his boots he just leaves where he takes them off. and it is never the same place. then he gets mad when i put them away because he has to look because we don't have enough places to put our things cause we are roommates, and it is not our house. we have a...