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    Such A Picky Eater!

    Thankfully she is eating the new dry food. She will graze the ”formerly fav” dry when the new dry runs out in her bowl. She really scares me when she turns her cat nose up at a food. I have to watch her so carefully. She is also on Cerenia every 3 days for puking and gets a stool softener...
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    Such A Picky Eater!

    She is a unique girl! The new food is by Purina with chicken as the protein, the old favourite is by Hill’s also with chicken as the protein (expensive —- bought from the vet’s!). I guess there is chicken, then there is chicken! You are right — I’ll try to mix some of the old into the new so...
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    Putting things in the water dish

    As others have said, this is probably just cat behaviour. My 17 yo girl still “catches” pipe-cleaner rolled up balls and takes them in her mouth to drown them in her water dish, then on to drop them in her food bowl. She has done this since she was a kitten.
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    Such A Picky Eater!

    Petal is 17 now. She has 3 different types of dry food she was eating. Suddenly yesterday she would not eat any of the 3! She would just go and sniff it. I gave her some Royal Canin treats, which she ate, and some deli ham, which she also ate. She seemed hungry, but just sniffed. Today I...
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    How to get a cat to like the leash?

    We trained our kitty on a leash when she was a kitten. We travelled with her for work, so it was for her safety. I know that it’s much better to start them as young as possible. Don’t know how old your kitty is. Our girl walked on the leash with no problems. The only thing was, she went...
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    Trouble with pooping

    I am also giving my 16 yo the PEG powder once a day 1/8 tsp to 1/4 tsp. Got it from the vet to soften kitty’s stool. She was having very hard and small bowel movements. She does not eat any wet food, so I just mix it in water and syringe it (without a needle, or course) into her mouth. It is...
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    Petal stopped eating one of her 2 favourite foods

    Hi Furballsmom! Thanks for the advice. I do have another variety of Purina on hand, I can try. Good idea. I also told Petal what you said and she blinked at me. Thanks
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    Petal stopped eating one of her 2 favourite foods

    Hello everyone: Just worrying about my 16 3/4 yo female, Petal. She is a fussy eater. She has never eaten wet food, though I have tried many types over the years! She was doing very well on Hill’s I/D and Purina Cat Chow Complete. She had stopped vomiting every few days and was eating...
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    How to disinfect safely

    Hi: Interesting you should mention it...I made a 1:9 bleach/water solution to clean. I accidentally left the rag I used with the spray bottle on the rug for a moment. Next thing I know my 16 1/2 yo kitty was rolling around on the rag and kicking it with her rear paws. She was acting like it...
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    Cerenia question

    Hi: I got a tip on this site to hide the pill in liverwurst. Maybe your kitty can eat this, since it is a pate-consistency. My girl (luckily) eats pill pockets with 1/4 tab of Cerenia every 3 days. Sometimes I have to put the pill in liverwurst, or cheese, when she if “off” the pill pockets.
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    Cartrophen for arthritis in 16 yo

    Hi Everyone: My vet has suggested this drug for my 16 yo girl. She is showing some signs of arthritis in her legs. She has some problems squatting in the litter box. Does anyone have experience with this drug? Is there anything to watch out for in the way of side effects? Thanks!
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    What can i add to food

    Also with my 16 yo kitty the kibble is just too big for her. She would eat it without chewing then throw up. I put it in the food processor and grind it up. My kitty is taking Cerenia (prescription from vet) for vomiting. Good luck with your kitty issues.
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    How do you get your cat to take pills?

    I got my girl to eat her pill inside liverwurst. This will work for a couple of weeks then she will turn up her nose, so I switch to pill pockets, then on to lactose-free cheese balls, and so on. Everyone gets tired of the same thing day after day! I got the liverwurst tip from the great...
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    Advice for senior cat...

    Hi: One thing I found with my 16 yo kitty is that the size of the kibble (dry food) was too big. She was eating it whole and not chewing it. Old teeth. She would vomit it back up. She eats Hill’s I/D. I just pop it in a food processer to pulverize the kibble. Don’t know if this will help...