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    Help Shih Tzu is pregnant!!!

    Ok so we have a female Shih Tzu, who is teeny, she’s around 4 kilos. We wanted to spay her but where I live the vets aren’t the best and the vet said that since they didn’t have the best apparatus so we decided to hold off on the spaying till she was a little bigger; little did I know she was...
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    Stubborn dog

    Hello again! So I have a 1 year old female shih tzu who is active and a total loof. She’s very playful and is healthy, I have a problem with her tho, she won’t eat dog food:( no matter how hard I try from reflex to royal canin to wet food. The only thing she enjoys is bread soaked in chicken...
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    Shih tzu isn’t acting normal

    She did have a tick on a day or two ago, but I removed it, we get a lot of them here but I’ve never had problems with them, since where I live we don’t have the type of ticks that would cause Lyme disease.
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    Shih tzu isn’t acting normal

    Definitely, thanks
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    Shih tzu isn’t acting normal

    Hey guys need some expert advice, so I have a 10 month old female shih tzu, she’s around 5 kgs and very active normally. But since around three days she’s become very sad lethargic she won’t dance around as much but she still eats the foods she likes, she drinks and she does walk around from...
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    Shih tzu has eye trouble

    Hey guys, I’m here again to ask you guys for help! So I have an 8 month old shih tzu, shes a girl named stacy. I absolutely love her and I’m really scared because recently I woke up in the morning and her eye was completely shut closed by her lashes with mucus, so I cleaned it up but she...
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    I know this isn’t the place to ask but since y’all are so helpful I really couldn’t resist guys I wanted to discuss a few things today. Just wanted to share a few insecurities I have and ask for possible solutions. 1- I’ma 16 year old boy and only 5 feet 9 inches and I really wanna be at least 6...
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    Feral Cat With Babies

    hello guys i had a question, so i was planning on getting another cat i already have one he is a ginger coloured persian but there is another breeder a few blocks away from me selling a traditional persian and im thinking of getting it. the problem is that we live in a twelve bedroom house that...
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    Is my kitten a Persian?

    well I live in the uk I don't like flat face Persians that much so I got a doll face but his tail isn't that bushy.
  10. Is my kitten a persian?

    Is my kitten a persian?

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    Is my kitten a Persian?

    is my 3 month old a Persian kitten I have his papers but his tail isn't very bushy .
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    lashing kitty

    thank you
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    lashing kitty

    hello I have a question there is a cat in my house he play`s fine and no behaviour issues but when our cleaner comes in he strikes out at her for a random reason.
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    Comment by 'cat com' in article 'What’s The Ideal Temperature For A Cat?'

    my cat hates heat lol he's a Persian but doesn't like to much coldness .