Be Kind To Your Cats’ Behinds! Dirty Cat Butts Prevention And Treatment

Dirty cat butts aren't just a fleeting embarrassment; they challenge every cat lover to seek solutions.

Why does Kitty, known for her meticulous grooming, sometimes overlook her rear end? Is a particular food to blame, an unnoticed health issue, or age creeping in?

dirt cat butts

As dedicated cat parents, we must pinpoint these causes and take action.

This guide shines a light on the mysterious world of feline hygiene, offering you hands-on tips and advice. Together, we'll ensure Kitty's behind remains as spotless as her reputation.

All In All, Kitty Can Be A Smelly Mess

It’s Mama Cat’s job to keep the kittens clean until they are old enough to do the job themselves. In the absence of motivation, ability or good health, humans have to help out as needed.

mother cat licking the kitten butt

Prevention starts with good quality food.

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Cheap food with uncertain ingredients, like meal or by-products, can upset a cat’s digestive system. Check the ingredients list on any diet or low-calorie foods Kitty’s eating.

 cat eats its food

Low-calorie foods often use fillers that make Kitty feel full but produce more waste. Don’t let Kitty stay outdoors to hunt.

A mouse or bird is not part of his usual diet and can cause stomach upsets you don’t want to deal with.

How To Clean Dirty Cat Butts

A damp paper towel can clean up simple messes. Be sure to use a good-quality towel. Cheap paper towels will leave “lint,” which only adds to the problem.

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After wiping with a damp towel, do a follow-up clean with another and dry with a final towel.

KKH, a TCS forum member, tried a cat bath wipe, but her cat didn't like it. The scent may have been the problem. AlphaCat, another TCS member, used butter in an emergency.

She softened the butter, let it melt on her fingers, and smeared it on Sam’s butt.

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Sam was sequestered in the laundry room for about half an hour to ensure he didn't smear butter on the furniture.

cat licking its butt

“I remembered the old wives' tale about putting butter on a cat’s paws after you move into a new house. Once Kitty has licked it off, he’ll remember the next time.

I thought it might work for grooming himself, and it did.”

Try sitting Kitty in warm water for more difficult messes to loosen any clogged areas. He will not like this part, so expect some (a lot) resistance.

If you can remove the worst of the mess, then it’s time for a haircut.


Long-Haired Cats And Dirty Butts

If Kitty is long-haired, clip Kitty’s hair on his butt to give waste a clean exit. For dark-haired cats, a closer cut might be needed.

trimming cat butt's hairs

Use blunt-nosed scissors to start. Most cats won’t want the vibration of clippers on their behinds.

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You might find red splotches where the hair matted and pulled, leaving irritation.

To keep Kitty from scooting on the carpet - it will itch as the area heals - or from inappropriate licking, an antibiotic cream from the vet will help.

putting cream on dirty cat butts

Kitty may have to wear the dreaded cat cone so he’ll stay away from the area until it’s healed. Don’t use human medication since Kitty may find a way to lick and ingest it.

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Once everything is back to normal, periodically check Kitty’s backside to make sure there’s no problem. When his hair starts to grow out again, clip it short and keep it that way.

A few of Kitty’s favorite treats after the haircut will keep you in his good graces. His clean behind will keep him in yours.

A Tail-End Note on Feline Hygiene

In our journey through the intricacies of feline care, we've learned that a cat's hygiene extends beyond their glossy fur and shining eyes.

Cats butt flat on bed

The issue of dirty cat butts may seem trivial at first, but it speaks volumes about our pets' overall health, diet, and comfort.

As cat guardians, it's essential to remain proactive, attentive, and compassionate, addressing even the tiniest concerns.

Remember, every aspect of Kitty's well-being matters, and our dedication ensures they lead a clean, happy, and dignified life.


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Cute cat butt and fluffy tail, Be Kind To Your Cats' Behinds! Dirty Cat Butts Prevention And Treatment

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29 comments on “Be Kind To Your Cats’ Behinds! Dirty Cat Butts Prevention And Treatment

DeeGee757 March 4, 2022
I have a 3 yr old long-haired semi-feral female cat. I have never had a long hair so the dirty back end is perplexing. I have wrapped her in a towel which she tolerates while I clipped as much off as I can & use a waterless shampoo to help soften some of the poo and clean as much as I can. I just don't understand why this is happening now. She has been an inside cat for 2 years . I have 3 other cats (2 are hers), four litter boxes going and also dealing with her using one of my rug runners as her bathroom. Should I be considering to find another loving home?
Margo Holden September 5, 2021
I took my 7 year old female cat to the vet on Friday. He expressed her anal glands and then clipped her whole rear end area. Her skin is now RAW. She never scootched before but now that's all she is doing. I have always cleaned her rear end with soft cloth and warm water and used blunt end scissors to trim the feathery fur to the side of her anus. I called the vet and he said to use aloe wipes and call him on Tuesday. In the meantime my sweet girl is anxious, hiding, and scootching. Anyone have any advice?
Mary August 26, 2020
Are cat is very long hair & very large. He had surgery for both back legs broken. He lets me pet him but is very temperamental so can not clean his behind. Tried getting up behind him when he eats, nothing works help
    Furballsmom November 26, 2020
    Mary, I know it's been a long while, but in case you come back, please register with the site (it is free), post in the forum and we can help :)
Debbie stacey March 14, 2020
I tried washing my cats bum in the sink,it was working to get the poo off but he didnt like it at all and poo'd more, straight in my hand, was scratched all over, so wouldn't advise it, instead I brush it out, and put a bit of coconut oil around the area,
nunnc84 December 16, 2018
Oops. I used cottonelle. Now I use a paper towel.
CHATTY KATTY HOME January 12, 2018
ladylansing said:
We just take a warm wash cloth to his behind and then let the air do the drying. I only give my cat a bath in warm weather but we groom him everyday.
I took your advice and everything is fine, they all had clean butts, but I cleaned the sleep/eye boogies everything is purrfect now
CHATTY KATTY HOME January 12, 2018
As soon as I read this I went and got a damp warm washcloth and checked on all the kitties, butts fine, but had to get the eye boogies ick i did the eye thing first
donutte May 25, 2016
I did end up taking Maple to a groomer to start with, and have since kept wiping her down every now and then. She's been on Prozac for a couple of months for anxiety issues (which had led to litter box avoidance), which had the pleasant side effect of her losing weight, and in turn she can reach her backend much better now! Add to that she has started using the litter box again instead of towels and well, happiness all around
    Jessica June 20, 2022
    Our kitty is long hair mixed, anything that its left behind shows really bad. He's orange cream colored. Should I just keep that area trimmed so "leftovers" don't stay behind? He also gets it stuck in his long hair on the back of his legs also. He tries to clean it put looses in some attempts. He's not a large cat, maybe 5 or 7 lbs, only 7 months old and can bend well enough to clean himself well.....any advice would be great for how it should be trimmed
beaser May 25, 2016
When you love a pet or a child you can tolerate almost anything for their well being. In our situation I had no trouble with dirty diapers or our Pusy Cat's dirty bums. My wife is the holder and I'm the cleaner, trimmer, comber and general pooper eradicator. If the problem is a minor issue, I use the ball nosed scissors and steel comb, a spray bottle with warm water and a soft piece of terry cloth toweling. If the warm water won't cut it a small amount of non scented dish soap in the water will increase the wetting ability of the warm water. I spray and attempt to comb out the offending fecal matter. Sometim3es the end tine of the comb or a pic will disintigrate a matte. I rarely use a glove because I don't want to lose my sense of feel around my buddies tender areas. When i'm done I can scrub with a nail brush and soft soap. If I have to cut I use a series of metal combs and I try and put the tines between the pussy cats skin and the scissors blades. If a fine comb is required I have one that I've taken a piece of silicon carbide paper to to round the tips of the tines. A cat's skin is very thin and extremely elastic, without the barrier between the scissor blades and the cats skin you can do some damage. Warm water and a lot of loving patience will make things easier but their have been time that I've wrapped my arms in anything to stop the claws, there have been times that I've just washed and bandaged my wounds. Occasionally  we've had to run a lukewarm shower over a PC's behind with my wife holding the front paws. If it's gentle enough the cat's have given us a break, but there have been a few bloodbaths. Our lady of the house Missy (6 year old) is a very fine long hair that just lays there and allows me to do whatever I have to. Remember, No Guts, No Glory! They look to us to make their lives more liveable. Pretty much every long time cat caregiver will have their own sure fire methods and be very willing to share them to all that ask.
    Ollie January 11, 2022
    Thank you so much! Starting on my 18# fluffy girl today and the husband is the holder!
ladylansing March 11, 2016
We just take a warm wash cloth to his behind and then let the air do the drying. I only give my cat a bath in warm weather but we groom him everyday.
vicnatii March 10, 2016
I've had great success with a wet cotton ball, cleans everything up and stimulates self grooming
donutte December 19, 2015
My cat seriously needs a bath. But she is so skittish and will pee (or in some cases, poop) on you if you pick her up. Even a little bit. I think I need to just suck it up, put on some clothes I don't mind messing up, and do it. She's also a big girl so have to take that into account.
    Jan Allan April 28, 2021
    I have had a similar problems, only worse. Our kitty was semi feral when she wandered in years ago. Now her butt is caked with poop and cat litter and she STINKS!! I'm too ashamed to take her to vet or groomer that is IF I can get her into a carrier. I hate to see her like that but she won't let me near her. I'm thinking of medicating her but...hmmm Not sure. Help! I feel so guilty and alone with this problem :{ hmm.
      Marilyn May 4, 2021
      I have a former feral, long hair cat, when I need to take him to the vet I do get a pill from the vet to relax him, so I can put him in the carrier to take him, it works. Love all 3 of my babies.
inaripeaches September 22, 2015
i've noticed dry food, produces much more waste and is much more messier then wet food. The wet food +dry combo produces way less than dry, and raw produces more firm poops. 
beverlyjane August 1, 2015
If I lightly coat Pretty Kitty's butt with Vaseline, will this hurt her if she ingests it?  will it make it more comfortable for her to poop?
catluvr321 July 31, 2015
We used scissors on our long haired cat, Cali. It works great. thank you.
ann5458 May 4, 2015
My cat is 10 years old and once in a great while I have to take her to the vet to get cleaned. She will not let me do it and its just easier especially when her anal glands are plugged
heathernichelle November 6, 2014
My kitty has hip dysplasia & has a terrible time with this. I clean his bottom & back feet multiple times a day. He's a good sport, but my roommates always make cracks about how I am obsessed with his behind. It's more like I'm obsessed with NOT having litter in my bed. I have a touch of 'Princess & the Pea' syndrome and cannot fall asleep if I feel any of it!
mysticdragon72 November 3, 2014
I have an issue with my long haired kitty and her dirty butt!  My only issue with doing any kind of cleaning or trimming on her is she is vicious about her attacks whenever I try anything back there!  I still have no feeling in my one finger from her chomping on it the last time I attempted to get the stuck on poop off her rear end.  Having worked for a vet for a while I learned many different ways to contain a cat but none of the "tricks" to keep her calm and contained worked on her.... mind you, it would have helped if someone else would help hold or do the cleaning... it's so much easier with two people!!  My hubby's too scared of her though to help LOL
smaylala October 29, 2014
I Am a groomer, and I have to say its soo sad when I see a kitty come in with what I call a "poo cake" on their booty. Therese Its so good to hear you take her in at least 3 times a year. Useing scissors can be dangerous if your not careful, but so can clippers cats skin is VERY thin so be super careful. I suggest a clipper and just gently skimming the hair down with out really making any skin contact, it cleans the area up so no "dingle berrys" yet doesnt give them a baboon butt either!  :) My Hairy is a super scaredy cat, and I give him alot of praise while scissoring his little butt :P He thinks getting a clean butt is the bees knees !!! If he goes too long without a trim he brings his "tag-a-longs" into bed to snuggle with me so I scissor his butt every month! 
slykat12 October 27, 2014
That is a fair deal as long as I can watch.
therese October 27, 2014
One of my cats is a medium long hair and I take her to the groomers about every 3-4 months...they do a hygeine shave as they call it....basically clip her belly, around her butt and shorten the 'pants,' on her back legs.  Its about $15-20 and well worth it, because it really keeps her clean.  
slykat12 October 23, 2014
Oh TY so much and I will keep that in mind. But my kitty is fine so far and I think a good trim is all we need. I am looking at restraint devices-cat bags.
bugsypawsey October 23, 2014
I have a long Haired Maine coon.  I just had to use Wen (Yes the infomercial product) on her.  She has a very hard time cleaning her butt and the nasty stuff was getting worse.  Believe it or not, this stuff worked a miracle on her. We usually give her a Lion's cut in the summer, but not in the winter because we don't want her to get cold.  I am going to have to give her another bath this weekend (which was not easy and breaks my heart with the crying), and then she will be wonderful!  I didn't want to traumatize her in the sink and do a second bath on her.  I figured she was a million times better and we could see how it was working by waiting a week for the second round.  Anyways, if your kitty is real bad, you may want to try it.  I contact Wen and they said it was safe to use on cats, as long as you are not using the Tea Tree scent.  I used Fig on her! :)
slykat12 October 22, 2014
Scissors takes too long and it hard. In addition the cat won't stay still fighting and crying. There has to be a quality clipper that can safely tackle  my long haired pantaloons in a fast easy manner.

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