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11 Unique Gifts That Any Cat Lover Would Love To Wear

Oct 29, 2015 · Updated Oct 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Anne
    A garment can make a great gift because it can be a practical expression of a unique theme. If you're shopping for a cat lover, here are some interesting ideas for unique gifts that any cat lover would be happy to wear. And don't worry, no teeshirts with "cool" cat prints on this list! These items are definitely not run-of-the-mill, and you can be sure no one will think your gift was dull! The only problem with these creative items is that you're probably going to want to order them for yourself as well!


    This warm snug hat takes the Dr. Seuss concept of "The Cat In The Hat" a step further. It's a practical gift for ladies of all ages and would be very welcomed by anyone who goes out to feed feral cats during wintertime.


    It's a beautiful scarf that adds an elegant touch to any outfit. Available in other colors too, the neutral black & white version is a great choice for a gift, and anyone who's into scarves will know how to make the most of it.


    The purrfect outfit for working out, these leggings can also be worn as part of a more casual outfit. The design is a classic, depicting cats as the Egyptian gods they used to be thousands of years ago.

    Product: Cat Face Hoodie

    Whoever wears this warm fleece & cotton hoodie will be easily recognized as a cat lover, from the pockets, through the applique, to the ears and the caption on the hoodie which says: Smile Cats. It's available in several colors and is warm enough to make a wonderful gift for the holidays.

    Product: Cat Face Hoodie


    Every woman needs a little black dress. Who's to say that dress can't have a cat print on it? This one is pretty and elegant and carries a clear statement: I'm a cat person! If you know her dress size well, this dress would make a great gift for a cat lover with a sense of fashion. If you're not sure about the size, just get one for yourself instead


    Still sticking to the "no teeshirt" rule! This one is not a teeshirt, but a long comfortable sleepshirt. Loose and soft, it is covered with cats and has the iconic phrase on it: The Cat's Pajamas. Make a cat lover smile with this cute and practical gift!


    If you really want to pamper a fellow cat lover - and have the budget for it - this bathrobe is the cat's meow. Made of 100% Aegean cotton, it's a soft and beautiful platform for a bunch of cute appliqued kitties playing all over it. You can match them with a set of for an amazing luxurious gift any cat lover is bound to appreciate.


    It's cute, it's pink and it has cats on it. This bra is an original gift with a sassy and healthy vibe to it. It also very clearly states a message of love for any feline out there, of any breed, shape and size!


    Whoever gets a pair of deliciously plush and fluffy paw-shaped gloves is going to be grateful throughout winter. They are simply too much fun to resist and if the weather is right for them, they'll be a pawsitive hit!


    A cozy gift with a cozy name: Snoozies. These easy slip-on socks/slippers are just the thing for cold winter days and nights. With a pair of striped cats on your feet, the world instantly becomes a warmer place!


    We've covered cat apparel, from head to toe, so here's one more item of footwear. This pair of beautifully embroidered flat shoes is a comfortable way to express your passion for felines and if you have her shoe size, they can make an awesome gift for any woman who loves cats AND shoes.

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  1. margd
    I have to admit, I'm crazy about those plush cat paw gloves.  They're all great presents but those gloves are really something else.  I'm trying to figure out some justification for giving them to myself. 
  2. tarasgirl06
    I have a shorter version of the cat robe #7!  It's very thick and plush, and so cute!
  3. artiemom
    my b-day is the 9th---almost twins!
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