UTI causes?


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Feb 21, 2023
Hello my two cats both have diarrhea problems. We did a round of antibiotics which helped during but after finishing it came back. We went back to the vet and both cats are getting dewormer, a probiotic, and are eating hills prescription digestive ID. Fecal test didn’t show any worms but I know it is complex finding them so we are ruling out worms anyway and resetting their digestive tract in case it was bad food and their digestive track is irritated.
usually the cats get half wet food half dry food. They have two fountains and are usually excellent at drinking water. We are feeding the hills just wet food right now and have been feeding only wet for almost 2 weeks. Since the wet food only switch they have been drinking less water. I didn’t worry bc I know that the benefit of wet food is them getting more hydration and more beneficial moisture than just drinking water.
They have both been a little constipated with their new food or the probiotic or the dewormer can’t rule out which. No diarrhea since Tuesday night.
However Friday night she went in the box before bed twice the second pretty small amount which I noticed was weird. I woke up to clean the boxes and there was a little of tiny pees wasn’t sure if it was just poor clumping or a ton of tiny pees. Then she peed on the bed a tiny tiny amount in two spots with some thick coagulated blood tiny like a bloody booger. I smelled the spot and it was mostly unscented but a little whiff or pee and a bit sweet. We took her to the vet immediately knowing UTI. We are waiting to hear back on the urinalysis since it’s the weekend but she got an antibiotic shot and starting today antibiotic pills twice a day. She hasn’t peed outside of the box since I know she was trying to tell us she needed help when she peed on the bed and we got her help. she’s been straining to pee and still more frequent but doing much better already.
My question is does why she got it. I know it’s complex but I wanted to get some opinions on how to proceed and avoid this again.
I’m wondering if she got infected from the diarrhea it would get on her. She groomed right after diarrhea every time really trying to get clean (lost some hair around her butthole from over grooming either to sooth or just having to clean a lot more). I’m wondering if like people the diarrhea could get on her urethra and spread bacteria there? She had her last diarrhea Monday night then constipation and UTI symptoms started either Friday night late or early morning Saturday. I’m not sure how long it takes between introduction of bacteria to symptoms showing up?
has anyone fed Hills prescription digestive ID and experienced constipation and or a UTI? I know they are adjusting still (vet said start ID cold turkey no slow introduction bc their stomachs were so messed up). Not sure if dewormer or probiotics could be causing constipation also? Cat food is so stressful I’m just nervous.
My next question is could it be from dehydration? Less water intake but an entire diet of wet food and I add water to her wet food every time bc she’s not wild about pate so making it more soupy encourages her to eat the new food. She eats 2-3 times a day we feed two meals but since she’s been slightly less hungry and we have a second cat once she stops eating breakfast I have to put it away or he will eat it then I will present it again and see if she will eat it a few hours later which she does. I know wet food only is suppose to be the best way to keep a cat hydrated and avoid UTI but I’m wondering if she’s still not getting enough water now?
Also the vet did not tell us only wet food or discourage feeding dry, she wrote us a prescription for both the wet and dry they were just out of dry at the office and we wanted to do all wet for a little while. So it’s not going against vet advice if I do half wet half dry food like I did previously.
There is a lot of things going on with their health right now that complicates figuring out exact causes and ruling things out. We will continue to work with vets until everything is back on track.
im just wondering why this happened if anyone else has experienced the same? And any ideas on how to proceed when things are better to avoid reoccurrence?


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Jun 13, 2018
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I can only tell you from my experience. Feeby had repeated UTIs, primarily from e-coli. No diarrhea involved. Either way, it can track from the anus to the urethra without diarrhea, or without ingesting it. So, aside from the urinalysis, I hope they are also doing a urine culture to determine what kind of bacteria is involved. That will help home in on the appropriate antibiotic. You also need to know things like if there is sediment in the urine, which could indicate the development of crystals. Crystals can form in the urinary tract that if allowed to reside in the bladder can create an environment for bacteria and also cause UTIs. I have given Feeby D-Mannose to help reduce not only e-coli but many forms of bacteria than can collect in the bladder which can cause inflammation/bacteria, as well as UTIs.

You do have a lot going on, but I cannot imagine that the food is causing a UTI - other issues associated with it (such as diarrhea, or even constipation) maybe so. Cats will drink less water when converting from dry to wet due to the moisture in the wet food, and even more so if you are adding extra water. So, I don't think that is the issue.

As to whether the ID food could cause constipation, I have to defer that to another member. It could merely be an abrupt change in food.

Hope I offered at least some help.


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Apr 20, 2014
One of my cats I feed separate because of stress. The stress also caused her to have crystals. My vet suggested hills ID but I feed her weruva instead,mostly shredded chicken. Weruva is high in moisture and protein. If she has diaheria I wouldn't feed her any dry. Also churu and tiki sticks


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Jun 20, 2014
I have 3 cats, one has had a UTI & that was because she's a little fatty & the doctor prescribed some prescription food that was over the chart for carb content. Never had an issue until I changed her food. I changed her food again & it went away.

High carbs can change a cat's PH, they make it more alkaline when it should be acidic.