Tnr And Feral Kitten Taming Stories (large Post)


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May 5, 2019
This post is a WIP I just don't want to loose all my work. Feel free to comment anyway!

Years ago my mother and sister decided to foster cats and came home with our first ever foster kitten. A tiny orange tabby named Peaches. We only had him for a few days before he was adopted. Then came Bessie, a beautiful grey tabby with a reputation of escaping her cage in the shelter. She was intelligent and gorgeous and she knew it.

For the first year or so we had only one foster cat at a time along with my sister’s cat, Happy. Happy is a often unamused black and white tuxedo cat and is currently the oldest of our cats. He was raised by my sister as a kitten and lived as the only cat. He had a hard time getting used to other cats and we had to have either females or kittens. If a male kitten came and then grew up Happy did not have an issue with it. Today Happy is okay with any cat and honestly just wants to be left alone due to his old age.

Then things went up a few notches when we noticed our neighbor had several feral cats and kittens. We started our first TNR project and I started my taming my first feral kittens. It was a litter of four that we named after Monster's Inc characters.

Mikey was the first kitten I caught. As you can see from my scratches all over my hands, I caught him with my bare hands. My mother really wanted his sister, you'll see why in a moment, and he looked like her from the back so I took my chance. Mikey was a fiery and fierce little kitten even after being tamed. We called him a little monster which is why we named them after Monster's Inc characters.

Sully was a free spirited and active little kitten that acted very alike from his twin brother, Mikey. We probably mixed them up several times.

Celia was much calmer than her brothers and had that typical silly personality that torties usually have. She was a beautiful cat with a near perfect split down her face, her body was all black apart from her face. Celia is now a successful show cat in the house cat category.

The only one not fitting the theme. River was the biggest of the litter and much calmer. A very sweet cuddly little boy who was my favorite of the bunch. I wasn't very good at sexing kittens back then and we believed that he was a she for a little while.

The next cats may be a bit out of order but I don't think it really matters.

Yuie was a slightly older kitten and I was unsure if we were too late to tame her. She was shy and withdrawn and would freeze when I touched her. She took a long time but eventually became very attached to me. It took her awhile to get used to people in general and only seemed comfortable with me.

Yuie was the hardest kitten for me to give up. She was the sweetest, most cuddly little angel. I was very picky about who would adopt her. She is well loved by her new family and is very attached to her new boy just like she was with me. Here she is all grown up in her forever home.

Walker and Wanda
I sadly can not find a picture of Wanda. She was a dark tortie named after a character from the book called The Host. Wanda came from the same colony as the Monster's Inc kittens and although she lived in a feral colony she was not feral. She was also pregnant. She was the second cat to give birth in our home and had the first kitten I had to help deliver. Turns out Wanda had a broken pelvis that healed wrong, making it hard for her to give birth. She had Walker, an amazing tortie Siamese kitten that came out white and slowly started to show her colors over time. There were no cats in the colony that looked anything like Walker and it was a huge surprise to see Wanda have something like it. Walker's name came from the fact that she started attempting to walk after only a few days of life. Sadly Wanda was unable to deliver the three other kittens and she was brought to the vet. They did not survive. Luckily Walker did not have to grow up as an only kitten.....

Katie was found in someone's backyard crying for her mother. No one knew where she came from. She was so tiny and still needed mother's milk so we tried to give her to Wanda. Wanda was such a wonderful, caring mother that snatched up Katie and raised her as her own.

A Bunch Of Kittens
I don't remember most of these kitten's names or where they came from. The middle one was Minnie, the spotted one was Duckling. No idea about the black one. There were a few others, all black and white mixes. They were all mothered by Wanda but weren't raised by her. We caught her nursing them a lot, even though they were too old for it. We did our best to stop this.

Tilly, along with her brother, Skunk, lived at a construction site where the workers would throw rocks at the cats. One animal loving worker could not stand it any longer and contacted us to help relocate his beloved cats. This big, bulky, tattooed man was the sweetest, most gentle, loving man. One of the possums that ate with the cats was found dead while we were setting traps. We needed to stop to make a grave for them and console him for his loss. I wanted to make sure every cat we could get a hold of was cared for and given a perfect place for them to live, even if they were feral.

We first saw Tilly hiding in some grass, we startled her and she hid in a pipe. For about half an hour we tried to poke her out with long sticks but were unable. We caught Skunk and he was fairly easy to tame. Tilly was caught on my birthday, which meant that I got to name her even though my mom wanted to call her Bunny.

Tilly was very hard to tame and older. She was very skittish and fearful, she clung to Wanda, who had of course taken her under her wing. We had little hope that Tilly would ever be a good house cat. Then it was time for Tilly to go in to be fixed. She didn't wake up. For three days Tilly was unconscious and every day that passed Kathy, the person in charge of the rescue we worked with kept saying 'one more day'. We are so thankful that she had hope for Tilly's recovery because she finally woke up but she wasn't the same cat.

Tilly was completely blind and had suffered neurological issues. She was terrified and alone. Wanda had just been given two week old kittens and she was frightened by Tilly and saw her as a threat for her new babies. Tilly had lost her sight and her adoptive mother. She had no choice but to seek comfort from the people she was afraid of. Tilly became an extremely affectionate and silly little girl and although a lot of things frighten and confuse her she gets around just fine. She has so much personality and there will never be another cat like her. I believe that Tilly's life improved after becoming blind. Before she was a scared feral living indoors and now she is a happy, affectionate and well loved cat. My mother kept Tilly, not trusting anyone to be able to care for her.
Tilly all grown up.

The Bird Kittens
This litter of kittens were all named after birds and they were all orange. Left to right. Sparrow (top), Chickadee (bottom), Robin and Falcon. All male apart from Chickadee. They were all wild, playful and extremely loving kittens. Just like all orange cats should be. Falcon loved to randomly jump onto people's shoulders and take a ride. You could not lean down without this cat jumping on your back.
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May 5, 2019
I can't figure out how to edit posts so I guess I will just go on in a new post.

Blink and Delilah
A pair of older kittens that were both very withdrawn and shy. They were lined up to be fixed and put back outside because there were no foster homes when we stepped in. Both kittens were hard to tame but eventually came around and both where adopted, living inside like they should be.

This is Bones, he is only 7.9 pounds and he was unable to gain any weight due to illness. You could see all his bones and he was not able to walk properly, he could not run and could barely jump. Despite this Bones was the most friendly, cuddly, wonderful cat you could ever imagine. He loved eating chips, pizza, anything. I remember him once looking at my bowl of chips and I showed it to him, thinking he would not be interested and leave. He chopped right down on that chip. Even though it was unhealthy we let Bones have anything he wanted. He got to do anything he wanted. This was because he was living on borrowed time. He passed away in my arms in December of 2016 after having six months in the best care we could give him.

Ada came from a feral cat colony cared for by a loving elderly women. Sadly the colony was infected with FeLV and many of the kittens tested positive for it. Ada was left outside the door of the care taker by her mother and had completely crusted over eyes and face. Her long fur was filthy and she was going down hill fast. Ada recovered from her illness and was adopted.

Snap, Crackle and Pop
Snap is the white kitten, Crackle is the tabby and Pop is the black. Snap was named after another adult cat that looked like him we called Snapper after he bit me and sent me to the hospital. Snap had the same fierce personality as the adult and was very prone to attempting to bite me. I didn't let that stop me and Snap became a wonderful house cat and as adopted out. Pop and Crackle stayed as some of my mother's cats.
Here are them as adults. Sadly Crackle died when a vet failed to notice a string wrapped around his tongue.

The Pokémon Kittens
This litter came around right when Pokémon GO came out and my mom, despite not really liking pokemon, really liked the game and wanted to name them after pokemon. We had Shaymin, Chikorita and Liteo. The rest of the litter went to different foster homes and were named outside of the theme. Shaymin, the dilute calico, didn't fully tame as I did a lot of kittens to work with at once and I didn't get to her in time. She is a very sweet cat but takes time to get used to a new person and hates to be picked up. My mother kept her.

Pinball, along with his sister Gumball, were feral kittens that I tamed. Gumball was adopted and Pinball stayed because he has luxating patellas, meaning that his kneecaps do not stay in place. He is doing well but in the future he will need surgery. Pinball is an extremely friendly, needy and pushy cat that likes to be in charge. He loves everyone even if they find him annoying. As you can tell from my unamused father's face.

Doni is the orange one, the tabby is Tilly. Doni's name is a slurred version of 'Don't eat' because Doni had a lot of issues with eating. She was a tiny kitten from a feral cat colony that needed to be bottle fed. Her foster mom had trouble getting her to change from milk and ended up feeding her random human food because she wouldn't eat cat food. Doni was stunted as is very small due to lack of proper food. She must eat raw food and is very small and slightly underweight. She is a calm, slightly withdrawn cat that enjoys the company of other cats.

Various Kittens and Cats
All of these felines were either feral kittens, abandoned newborns or 'ferals' that were friendly.


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Wow, what an amazing story RustHeart RustHeart You've done so well to get that many cats and kittens TNR'd and into loving homes.

It's nice to have you on TCS.