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Oct 9, 2014
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My cats came from a feral mom.  They were all socialized the same starting at three weeks of age. I have an older neutered male to help teach them the ropes.  He is very people friendly and jumps on everyone, even strangers, to get his loving.  They are now 19 months old.  My "runt" and momma's boy hates strangers. He goes to the top of his cat tree and behaves badly, especially towards my adult daughter.  I have a new trick, when she is in the house he only gets treats and rewards from her.  He still will not come to her, but he does not swipe or hiss at her when she tries to pet him now.  He is now venturing out of his tree when she is there and sitting in the same room with us. His siblings greet strangers at the door to get all the attention. The only reason I find for his lack of socialization is being the runt I paid a lot of extra attention to him at feeding time and he is possessive over me.