Question of the Day - Monday, February 22, 2021


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Apr 30, 2005
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I’m going to attempt to get a slight jump on my week by posting this a wee bit early. DH ate my snacks that were supposed to be for this week so I might be trying to fit in a trip to the repackaged bulk and dry goods store. And then I’m putting my snacks in a locked box. :lol: I need one with thumb print avtivation or something. :lol: I had planned what I was allowing myself this week... I just need to stay out of the kids snacks!:paperbag: But they had apple chips at that store a few weeks ago so it might be worth another trip. So yummy!!:yummy:

What are you craving?

Chicken Marsala! We ordered takeout for Valentine’s Day and I was trying to decide between Seafood Alfredo and Chicken Marsala (and a couple other things...) I went with the Seafood Alfredo and it was FABULOUS!! But I’ve still got Chicken Marsala on my mind. I may try to make it soon but I don’t have the right wine. I need a can of beer for corned beed and cabbage soon too; so hopefully next weekend I can get to a liquor store for both. And then pick out my own mushrooms.