my cat keeps pooping in front of the front door


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Jan 26, 2022
her litter box is on the first floor as well as another on the stairs on the way to first floor that i got to see if itd fix the problem. She sometimes still poops in her liter box but rarely always has to go down to poop on the floor every morning, tried changing her food too


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Nov 25, 2013
Hi. Welcome to TCS. Sorry for the reason that brought you here though. I know how frustrating litter box avoidance issues can be, so hopefully we can help figure out why your kitty is not using it.

Few questions:
1) How old is your cat?

2) Is this new behaviour, or something she's always done?
If new behaviour, did anything change recently in the household?

3) Is she an only pet? If not, does she get along with the others?


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Apr 25, 2017
Hello! Wondering a bit about your front door area. Is there a rug there, or is she going on a hard floor? How often are you cleaning the boxes? Are they hooded? Have you tried changing the kind of litter you are using?

Some cats if they are older or constipated (or even if they aren't) can have a hard time getting into pooping position in their box. My first step in this situation would probably be to get a very simple hoodless litter box with a new fun kind of a litter and place it as close as possible to the area where she is choosing to poop each morning. If she is going on a doormat, you might choose a softer litter option or even a scrap piece of carpet to put inside the new box. Then, once she re-establishes a good habit of pooping in her box, you could slowly move the box to a more convenient place for you.

Some cats don't like to poop where they urinate and vice versa, so that's where twice daily litter scooping could help.

Another possibility is that she is pooping by the door to spread her scent. If you keep shoes by the door, or if it's possible that there are outdoor cats hanging out on your porch, then maybe this is what is going on. If you think this could be the case, I would still add a new simple box right by the front door and make an effort to redefine this area so that your cat doesn't feel the need to spread her scent there. If you think this is your solution, let us know and I can help you come up with some ideas!

Please keep us posted!