My cat is crunching her teeth while eating and she is losing appetite


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Nov 29, 2022
Long but bear with me - Fluffy is 11 years old and up until now she has had seemingly perfect health. 3 weeks ago she randomly started throwing up/dry heaving 3-4 times a day, was reluctant to eat her new dry and wet food (we bought her a different dry food brand), not using her litter as often as she would, and hid under my bed for hours a day and overnight. After 4 days of this behavior continuing I brought her to the vet. They did blood work and took a stool sample, both came out very healthy - one of the healthiest they’ve seen for her age. No signs of pancreatitis. But they did still give her a shot that hydrated her for 24-48 hours, and gave me nausea tablets and prescription wet food for her to try. She refused to eat the wet food, especially when I crushed the medicine and mixed it with her food, so that was unsuccessful. She could tell it was doctored up. But we switched to her old dry food and she started eating a little bit more. After a couple days she was eating, drinking, using the litter, and behaving normally again. This was 2 weeks ago, but ever since then I have been noticing she is crunching or chewing differently, like her teeth are grinding together. She does not grind her teeth when she isn’t eating though. And now as of the last 3 days she is eating much less again, has only used the litter to pee, and is under the bed for hours at a time. When she gets out, she acts mostly normal but refuses to eat. Sometimes she smells her food and then goes right back under the bed. She will eat her treats, but does her weird crunching and also sometimes tilts her head while crunching. And now she is doing this while eating wet food, where there shouldn’t be anything crunchy. She also drops food out of her mouth more too. I just don’t know what’s up with her. It has to be some kind of mouth/tooth discomfort.