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  1. les26

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    Nov 19, 2015
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    Last July we lost Skipper who was just about 7 years old or so, Deb brought him in after he was bitten by something outside, and the vet said he had cellulitis and certainly would have died had he not gotten help. Last year, he just started crying for reasons we could not understand, we took him that same night to the vets who ran tests and couldn't really find anything, but gave him an antibiotic shot because he had a history of UTI's and we took him home, only to come home from work the next day to find him dead. We suspect what happened to him years earlier, being bitten and sick, may have shortened his lifespan, perhaps the same happened here. But they both had wonderful lives full of love and food and shelter and comfort, and someone told me when he passed "it's better to have a good short life than a long bad one".
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    Please don't blame yourself, it is not your fault at all. Cats seem to be such sensitive animals and they get all these complex illnesses, I don't know why. We would have to be a scientist or doctor to prevent it. You did your best, like we all do.
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    The stages of grief always bring blame and the belief that we can change something that happened in the past. It is something we all have to work through, and often we go through it again and again. Don't feel alone, it happens to everyone. The only time it is different is when our loved ones have suffered so much, it is almost a relief to end the pain. You wouldn't want that. I know you must, because we have all been there, but you have to consciously try to avoid all these feelings of what might have happened and concentrate on what Petey brought to your life. Dwell on the good, not the bad. You cannot be blamed for something that was beyond your control, and now that you have the time to sort through all the scenarios, all the should haves and could haves, you will always find something that you think should have been done differently. But there is no way to ever change the past. We have to go on because that is what our little ones want for us. Just as we would want for them. That is how love is, unselfish, unending.
    Time is the healer of all wounds, even a broken heart. Time will soften the edges of grief, one day at a time. For Petey, the pain has ended, for you it has just begun, as it does when something so important in this life is missing. There will always be loss in our lives, because nothing is forever, except the love that ties our souls together. Because it is not physical, but spiritual.
    May you be blessed for loving that boy so much, may you feel the love and comfort he sends to surround you. That will never change, the love you feel for each other.
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    Jul 26, 2017
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    What a nice tribute you wrote, I had tears in my eyes again... You didn't do anything wrong, sometimes we can't see what's in front of our eyes for whatever reason. Remember, cats are very good at hiding things from us, they are not complainers. It was not your fault, he was probably sick and the outcome would have been the same sooner or later. Do not blame yourself, you gave him the best, you rescued him, you gave him his life even if it was short. I am sure he felt loved and taken care of. Rest in peace little Petey, I am sure my Kitty (who recently passed away) will meet with him at the Rainbow bridge, black cats rule!
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    We cannot prevent everything, no matter how hard we try. Some things are just unpredictable, other things are unknown and sudden.
    Skipper had you in the center of his life and was the only important thing to him.
    He will look over you from the Bridge and will thank you forever for what you did for him.

    RIP Skipper! :(
  6. zed xyzed

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    Nov 10, 2015
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    I hope you find some comfort in knowing that your decision eased his suffering RIP handsome boy

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