Kitty, An Angel On Earth

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    I'm going to write a short tribute to a kitten of mine who went to the Rainbow Bridge 18 years ago, on Sept 5th. I hope it is not contrary to the Forum's rules.
    Her name was Kitty, not very original...

    I saw her in a cage into a pet shop on the morning of my 34th birthday, in 1999. She was with another kitten, a sibling of her. She was mistaken for a boy, she was a beautiful girl. The shop owner told me she was about two months old, so I assumed she was born at he begining of April 1999.
    I went back home, I told my wife what I had seen and expressed the wish of a kitten for my birthday. She accepted and a few hours later we were walking home with a new kitten in a box. It was a Saturday.

    We knew nothing about cats and kittens. The shop owner explained us the basics and told us to keep her indoors for one night to give her a home feeling.
    We did as instructed and on the following day we opened the door for her, she ran away and hid under the bushes.
    On that morning we had to go to a ceremony at the local church, we were already late, but I couldn't go away without finding Kitty. I tried to play to lure her, and at last I succeded in grabbing her, but she twisted in my hand and bit and scratched me to blood. I attended the ceremony at the church with bandages on my hands... :lol:

    Time went by, she got used to the house and was very affectionate, but we had the terrible habit to leave her outdoors when we were away. She was with us, inside, only when we were home. She loved to watch the TV, she especially loved to watch car racings, she used to follow the cars on the screens with her eyes until she would drop asleep.

    She was lovely and sweet, a real angel.
    It was a Sunday, on September 5th, 1999. We had to dine out that night, we had the appointment at 7 pm. We went out for a short walk before going to dinner. We greeted Kitty when we walked out of home, we stayed away for about one hour and a half. When we went back home to get ready before going to the restaurant we saw a cardboard box outside our gate. I told my wife "Why should someone leave a box outside our home?". We approached the box and slowly opened it. Inside it was another smaller box. I thought it was a matryoshka doll game, but when I opened up the second box we were shocked by the sight of our beloved Kitty dead, covered in blood... :bawling:

    A neighbor of ours came near and told us that a car ran over Kitty. The driver stopped and tried to help but it was too late. They told me it was a true accident, the car was driving rather slow but Kitty ran in the middle of the street at the wrong time... They told me they put Kitty into two boxes to save us the sudden shock of seeing her.
    We were shocked, we could hardly understand what they were telling us.
    We took the boxes with Kitty in our home. She was still warm and soft, clearly it had happened short before we came back home.
    I dug a small grave in the garden and rested Kitty in it... we sayed a prayer and cried a lot. She was only 5 months old, it was really unfair.

    After the burial we sadly went to the dinner. We weren't of much company that night, I kept crying with my head low onto my dish. In the hurry of going to the dinner after the burial I hadn't changed my clothes. While I was holding my head down and crying I realized that a small drop of Kitty's blood had hit my trousers...

    I promised myself to never have a cat again.
    Nine months later I found Lola nd her brother Romeo. Their stories had been written already.

    I always had the suspect that Kitty ran to the street because she was chased by someone, and that the person who was chasing her was one of my neighbors. She often visited their garden and they used to shoo her away with a broom shouting at her.
    On the days after Kitty's death my neighbors were a bit elusive, as a sense of guilt was crushng them.

    RIP Kitty, you were an Angel on Earth, you are an Angel among Angels in the sky now.
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    That you still hold that little girl so dear in your memories after all these years, is a testament to your love for her. Even though you only loved her for months, the pain still runs deep into your soul. You were her savior from the pet shop, you gave her the happiest time of her life. You gave her your love which is all she ever wanted. She is at peace.
    Our first cat is one of learning and amazing discoveries, I remember my first cat very vividly and that was over fifty years ago. The first death is also etched into our memories forever because often it is one of the first times we lose someone we love.
    She left her legacy of love for you to pass down, you give her honor by doing so with the others you allowed into your heart. You now let others know of this special little girl in your life, so that she can be mourned and thought of by many, which she earned. I cry with you over losing someone so special, because I know the pain of loss. We mourn that sweet girl's passing as the angels sing her welcome. She will be waiting for you at the end of your own journey, she slumbers now in that special patch of sun reserved for her at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP sweet Kitty, you will never be forgotten, and after all these years, still dearly missed. You left your paw prints forever etched into a loving heart.
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    She is an Angel, still watching over you and will until you all meet again.

    God Bless......:alright: :rbheart:
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    Time only dulls the edges, it does not take away the loss, does it? Your love for Kitty shines in every word, and that love still lives, for love is eternal.

    Rest you gently, Kitty, dream you deep. Your pawprints are on someone's heart forever, and your love opened a door for two more kitties in need of a home.
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    What a beautiful and poignant remembrance of a most beloved first cat! Although 18 years have passed, Kitty indeed left her sweet paw prints on your heart. I think the relationship we have with our first cat sets the precedent for cats who follow. Kitty's legacy was the love she so generously gave you during her all too brief life. Had Kitty not touched your life, perhaps you would never have known the joys of Romeo, Tom, Leo, your precious Lola, and now your sweet Pallina. Kitty was indeed an Angel on this earth who is looking after you still.

    I do believe your Kitty is now with heavenly Angels and one day we will all be reunited with our fur babies passed. Until that time, RIP sweet Kitty.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and heartfelt tribute with all cat lovers here.
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    Huge hugs :hugs::hearthrob::hugs: Thank you for sharing your memories of Kitty with us. It's lovely that you cared deeply.

    The neighbor(s) are human garbage for such behavior - if she or they were the ones allegedly shooing Kitty into the road, at least Karma likely bit their behinds at some point.

    At least you know that the driver tried to be kind, many would have just kept going.

    R.I.P your darling Angel :angel:
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    A beautiful tribute to Kitty - Forever Young, Always Loved, Never Forgotten
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    RIP Kitty know that you will always be in the hearts of your family

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