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Introducing Geoffrey...


Artie, my Angel; a part of my heart
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Dec 22, 2014
near Boston
Hello all my friends,

I want to introduce you all to my new friend: Geoffrey or Geoffy, or "G"


I took him home, Monday afternoon, from my shelter. He took my heart, the moment I saw him.
He came out from isolation on Nov 1... Something told me to go into PetSmart to visit the kitties.. As soon as I set sight on him, my heart melted. When I went in to see him, It melted even more-- a huge puddle..

He immediately rubbed my entire head, including face, and would not stop.. insisting on love, rolling over and over, wanting pets...

Geoffrey reaches out his left paw for love, while he is purring and kneading.. he is so loving..

This is him, looking for me, as I put in the OFFICIAL request to adopt...

Geoffrey is a Buff-Colored Tabby... He is about 3 years old. His story is that his owner, a guy, had to move, and was not allowed cats.. He made them promise to keep his name, until he was adopted.

I do not care for his original name, "Goofy"... I can see how he got it: GoofBall.. but.. that is not a name for a sweet kitty.

It took me until Monday to get my house together, and pick up stuff for him.. I did save a few of Artie's new toys.. G is using them.. but is refusing to use his Tall scratcher.. weird. I vacuumed it down really well, spraying it with Natures Miracle.. I picked up some catnip spray to see if that would help..

I do not think he knows what it is for! He almost demolished a cardboard scratcher, last night.

Monday, his safe spot was the bathtub in his bathroom, next to the litter Genie.. He was so darn cute.. wanting loves... He could see me, in the chair, and would periodically pop his head up, like a turtle for loves.... so cute..

He is a big boy... very scared.. frightened.. wonder if he was always like this, or the 3 homes and 3 vet visits, within a week, did it to him??

His new safe spot is under my bed. I tried closing it off, with pillows and wastebaskets, but he found a way to get under it.. so....I give up..

Monday night, I could get absolutely no sleep. Geoffrey was constantly jumping on my bed, looking for love-- giving me head/face bumps... constantly crying.. poor thing.. I think he smells Artie, and is looking for him...
One time, during the night, I opened my eyes to a bum in my face and a tail wrapped around my neck... OMG...

He is slowly exploring.. I opened up Artie's room to him, this morning.. G wants nothing to do with it.. so weird...

Geoffrey has a very soft, squeaky meow.. Is not a lap cat, but wants love. He was raised on junk food.. so I have to decide on what to feed him. I would like to feed him 3 brands, in case of recalls.. but what to feed?? limited budget, but... I do not want to change things too much on him. He seems so sensitive..

Over the week-end he developed acne!!! and it seems to be getting worse.. He is a very strong boy, who still does not trust me, nor does want anything physically done to him. He is constantly rubbing his face on things..

I tried to wipe the area with peroxide and water.. first time was a fight.. second time was a war.. so I give up.. I need him to trust and feel more comfortable in here..

Geoffrey also seems to have a 'thing' for the bathroom.. it is his original safe spot... When I am sitting on the pot, he runs right over for love.. weird.. and then, I had to put his food in the bathroom because he was afraid to venture anywhere else for it...

Right now, he seems not to know what a scratching post is, what a paper bag is for, what a box is for.. he is too afraid. I bought a spray bottle of catnip. It worked for a few minutes, then eh wen back under my bed... poor thing..

He needs time to adjust.. and he seems to be afraid of sunlight!! so strange.. I wonder if he was kept inside a bathroom, during the day, and allowed to roam at night??

Here he is:


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Feb 1, 2017
He is so handsome! I love buffs. As others said, just give him time to adjust. The HUGE thing is that he obviously loves you. Who knows what his past was. The guy probably did not love him or he would have found a way to keep him. But we don't know his story either. You and Geoffrey were just meant to be together.

And THANK YOU for adopting from PetSmart. As you know, their cats come from shelters, so now the shelter has room to save someone else.


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Feb 1, 2017
I am a volunteer for the shelter, who services this PetSmart.

The PS staff know me. I know many of the volunteers and the adoption people. I usually take one shift per weekend, this weekend it is Saturday and Sunday.
I was volunteering at the PS near me but I have had to quit for now. Too many family obligations. But I will be going back. I love talking to all the folks who stop by. Everyone smiles when they see the cats


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Feb 27, 2017
Orbassano - Italy
Hi Cindy, what a wonderful news!
I was almost going to miss this thread, I'm lucky I saw it.

Geoffrey is a wonderful and handsome cat, just give him time to adapt this new situation.
He comes from who knows what, she spent probably a long time in different cages and had to deal with different people who could have frightened him or given him a false impression of how humans are.
He was abandoned by his previous owner, though I'm sure he was torn by this decision. Honestly, what cat could come out from all this and be happy right away?

As soon as Geoffrey will learn how his new kingdom works, he will become master of the house!
And he will become a lap cat too, all cats become lap cats, as soon as they feel confident.

Welcome on board Geoffrey, your trip on TCS has just begun ;)


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Sep 19, 2006
Glendale, California
Awww, Cindy, just reading and seeing this now, and have to say this makes my WEEK! After a tough one and a particularly tough day today. Geoffrey is ADORABLE and devastatingly handsome, and he sounds like "personality plus" -- just the right age and temperament to lift your spirits, bless your home, and bring you smiles! *and yes, as others have said, I know Angel Artie is looking down upon you both and purring bigtime!* :goldstar::redheartpump::lovecat2::redheartpump:

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