Follow-up on my cat Molly - she may have lymphoma (she had pancreatitis)


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi fionasmom: Yes, they can & quite easily. They are part of the same practice & in the same building - one part is emergency & one part is specialty. And they have been communicating with each other to coordinate Molly's care.

So Molly's got pancreatitis again but she was eating a little while ago (in the hospital). She didn't touch the z/d when I had her home (before I brought her back for hospitalization). The ER vet said all of the cats could eat z/d but none would touch it. Neither can nor dry nor dribbled with tuna juice - they refused it.

But Molly has eaten the Royal Canin rx canned food in the hospital (I forget the name) & the vet said my other adult cats can eat it too.

Not sure when I can bring her home. And not sure why she had this acute pancreatitis episode so soon after the less severe one two weeks ago.

I hope she heals completely but I am very scared for her.
What ended up happening? I hope everything resolved itself.