F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

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Oct 31, 2010
And Loki was so so so handsome!!!!!

Thank you, very very much. He sure was a handful. Overall, he was a GREAT handful. But, he was far far more work then my pure male Leptailurus serval. Just remember, your Draco, maybe far more work and far more work LONGER then the average domestic cat or kitten
Yes her cats are not full grown at all.

Well, it will be interesting to see them physically progress.

Marcell (the large F5) weighed in at 14lbs at 8 months old!!!

Wow, Loki, only weighted around 13 to 14lbs at around three years old. Grant you, people guessed he weighted 20 plus lbs.

Katana is a male- he's the most loving little guy i've ever met his favorite thing is to give head butts and he'll follow you around just to get some attention!

I am glad, that you got to meet Katana. He sounds like an AWESOME cat. Most well socialized hybrids and Savannahs most of all, are just great cats. I wish, EVERYONE, got to meet a hybrid cat! So that way, they would not feel "frightened" of them. Hence, less likely to "agree" with laws that ban exotic and hybrid exotic cats

I don't believe he is full grown either so I will most definitely continue to update you all with pictures of them as well as my Draco.

I can't wait to see Draco all grown up. One, he is so so cute and second, I can't wait and see if, he is going to have more Bengal, Savannah or domestic cat traits. Both physically and behaviorally/mentally speaking. Of course, I am very very curious, as to how, the F4 will progress (physically and behaviorally).

Draco jumped in the shower with my fiance last night!!!

Aww, that sounds so so so cute

We were both in shock!

I bet you both where.

He jumped in, then started shaking his paws like he didn't understand what this 'water' thing was LOL.

Aww, that sounds so so cute too

Jumped out, then realized he wanted to be back in so he was meowing up a storm trying to get back in there (his feet were slippery so he kept sliding back down lol.

Draco sounds so so so so AWESOME!

Also his fur almost seemed waterproof- it got wet at the tips but dried SUPER fast.

That pelt (hair coat) does sound more like a Bengal or Savannah, as opposed to a pure domestic cat!

I wish I had pictures of the bengal father. I'll ask Renee if she can possibly get pics :)

Please do