Cutest thing your kitty does?


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Aug 17, 2014
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Tampa Bay Florida
MnM Please do not misunderstand my post when I write that Minnie did not look sick but content and happy. I have been following all of your posts since Minnie's passing and the love you have for her is so evident. You were devoted to her. I have had to make that heart wrenching decision several time with several dogs and have always second guessed myself, pondered after about if there was more I should of done regardless of the finances. But in  time I come to peace with my decision. It's never easy. 
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Aug 3, 2014
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It is difficult to pick just one thing! Both Sinbad and Tempest do so many cute things!

So I will just put in the first cute thing that comes to mind - which is Sinbad's sneaky snuggling. Apparently when he finds me asleep, he will often sneak in and curl up close around me; sneaking in under my chin, or stretched against my tummy if I'm on my side, etc. I would never know that he does this if it weren't for my hubby, because he only curls up like this after I'm asleep and he always moves away before I wake up.

Here is a picture my hubby took of him doing it one time when I fell asleep while folding laundry. He actually snuck in so close my head is on him like he's a pillow, and he has one paw underneath my arm - he was apparently holding my wrist very tightly. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get away. 
 It's just so cute that he's so careful to never let me know he's snuggling like this. I guess he is just shy.