Cat vomiting food, hairball in X-Ray, vomited food after Laxatone


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Mar 12, 2013
I've read a lot of the posts on hairballs. However, once there is actually a significant hairball in the stomach, what is the remedy?

My cat started vomiting up food last week.  I tried discontinuing the small amount of dry food that I feed and it helped for a few days but started again.  I was noticing hair wads in the vomit but not "balls" per se.  After a bout of vomiting 2 nights ago, I took her to the vet and abdominal X-rays showed a hairball in her stomach.  I do brush her a few times a week but evidently, that's not enough.  Plus, she doesn't allow me to brush her belly.

I was given Laxatone but immediately after giving her .5 teaspoon, she vomited up her breakfast. I feed Instinct Limited Ingredient Turkey because she seemed to be having some possible food allergy problems. I've seen several remedies but I don't understand how they will work, if she doesn't keep them down. Furthermore, if the hairball can't pass through and out, how will anything work?

I am also supposed to give her .25 Pepcid to help with the stomach and esophageal irritation from the vomiting.


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Aug 13, 2009
 I think the oiliness in the Laxatone is supposed to help lubricate the hair that is stuck where it is and help it slide down, but not completely sure.  It could be coincidence that she vomited her breakfast right after you gave her the Laxatone.  If she has a hairball blockage, she is going to vomit pretty much all her meals once they reach that hairball, so it's just a matter of timing. 

Sometimes hairballs actually have to be surgically removed, but if your Vet didn't suggest that, then you're not there yet.  Keep trying with the Laxatone, and give your Vet a call back if the vomiting continues immediately after giving it. 

Keep brushing her everyday, and depending on what type of fur she has, maybe also use a comb.  I use a comb on my longer haired guy.  Now let's discuss her food.  Is that limited ingredient food dry or wet.  Wet food is better for hairballs, and if you can, add some egg yolk lecithin to it everyday.  I give my guys 1/2 to 1 capsule daily.  I just dissolve it in a little water, then mix it into their food.  I also give them 1 Vet's Best Hairball Relief tablet daily.