Bombay and Maine Coon Mix?


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Jun 23, 2022
This is Aether, he was a stray, we believe he was dumped before he ended up with me because friends of mine found him wondering my university campus parking lot, but my university is nowhere near any niehborhoods. He wasn't neutered or chipped, but he was cared for, we think he was only a stray for a few days before he got picked up and brought to me. I kept him because I think it was destiny. I had always wanted a black cat and one just showed up lol.

Because he has so many unique features I thought I would try and see if anyone could give me some clues as to what breed he is. We think he's a Bombay Maine Coon mix, my mother (Maine Coon lover) says he has the European boxy face and nose, he's entirely black including whiskers, feet and tail, and he's polydactyl with 7 toes on one foot and six toes on the other three feet. I've also been told his copper-hazel eyes aren't very common and more indicative of Maine Coon. He's pretty heavy for a kitten, he was since he ended up with us, and he's getting bigger and heavier. He's only been with us two months but I'd say he's gained at least 4 pounds, he might be over ten already! We think he's six to eight months old but we can't be super sure since we don't know where he came from.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I'd also be happy to get any raising tips. I grew up with cats but he's the first one I've had on my own, he's a super good cat and considering he might have been on the streets for a while, he uses a litter box, he scratches where he's supposed to, he's nice and gentle, he likes to be held like a baby and plays constantly. I do have a few little tidbits though that I'd like some advice on. He likes to play bite, he's never broken skin but it does hurt, I try to redirect his attention to his toys but he still goes for my arms. He also bolts for the door the moment someone opens it, even though I play with him a lot and he takes walks outside on the leash nearly every day. He also attempts to get into the fish tanks and my bearded dragon's enclosure, I don't think he intends to hurt my lizard but I would be more comfortable knowing a way I could deter that behaviour just in case, you never know. I'm kind of more of a dog person so I only really know dog things, he's my first cat and I love him, but I feel like attempting to train him like a dog probably wouldn't be the best since he's not a dog. I've never had to train a cat, so anything helps. Thanks!



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Dec 16, 2011
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Sorry, but your mom is incorrect. Your beautiful cat (and he most certainly is!) is a solid black domestic short hair.

I see no specific breed (def not Maine Coon, I have one so am familiar with the breed)and it's incredibly unlikely he'd be a mix of two very distinct looking breeds. There would be no reason to do that. All cats are considered domestic unless you can prove their ancestral lineage which is only done by having registration papers showing each generation going back many many years.

It's very unlikely for any cat to be mixed. If you think about it, purebreed cats only account for about 3% of ALL cats in the world. The chances of 2 completely different breeders allowing their cats to roam and then randomly breed is pretty much nil. Purebred cats cost a lot of money, time and trouble and reputable breeders are extremely careful not to allow their cats out.

Most people aren't familiar with breed standards. All attributes seen in purebred cats are in domestic cats because they all originated from domestic cats who bred randomly until humans came around to start breeding for certain attributes they preferred and even then it took many generations to get to that point.