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    My sweet boy is gone

    Thank you so much, movinintime!
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    My sweet boy is gone

    Thank you so much, movinintime!
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    My sweet boy is gone

    We just crossed the 7 month mark of Oxley, my darling moggy, crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him more than ever now. I didn't realise time sometimes makes one miss a loved one even more. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I am sad but thankful he left so many wonderful memories...
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    Shocked and devastated- My beloved Sparkles

    I am so sorry. You made the right choice to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge... it is the most unselfish and hardest decision anyone can make. I pray that time will heal and you will feel her presence beside you and in your heart always. Fly free, Sparkles.
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    Did I do my due diligence? Feeling guilty...

    Hi, I'm not sure which forum category this thread fits into, so I'm just posting this here. You may have followed my journey with my beloved moggy Oxley last year. He was my everything, there was nothing I wouldn't do for him, we were best friends and he helped me through so many tough times in...
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    My sweet boy is gone

    This Wednesday marked 6 months since Oxley crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We think about him everyday and reminisce about his little antics almost everyday. He will be in our hearts always.
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    Heartworms In A Cat, Bj As His Story Begins.

    This is such wonderful news! I was wondering how BJ was getting on. I'm so happy for BJ and you!!!
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    Goodbye Iago, my Iggy, my King. <3

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My moggy was a ginger too. You gave sweet Iago one of the best gifts ever... a pain-free, peaceful parting. You will meet him again, I'm sure, but in between, I hope your beautiful memories will comfort you.
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    My sweet boy is gone

    Yesterday was my birthday. We went to a restaurant and I was lamenting the fact that my sweet moggy wasn't here to celebrate my birthday with me, and just reminiscing. Halfway through the meal my cousin came to tell me there was a ginger cat (Oxley was a ginger too) at the entrance of the...
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    Goodbye, sweet Ace cat

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Ace sounded like a wonderful and brave cat. He will remain in your memories forever until the day you meet again.
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    My sweet boy is gone

    My dear moggy, Oxley, passed almost 3 months ago. I think about him everyday. He was such a blessing to our lives. We had a memorial service for him 2 weeks after he passed, and it was a beautiful service. Up till now, I always wait for my mum or sister to come home first before coming home...
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    In memory of sweet Leo

    Sending hugs your way, Leo sounds like he was a very special cat. You two were so lucky to have had each other, and I'm sure he's watching over you.
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    My Biggest Regret In Cat Rescue

    I am so sorry about Frost. You gave him a warm and loving home that he never otherwise would've had, and that is the most important thing. Thank you for all the important work that you do.
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    Did I do the wrong thing? (caution: mention of taxidermy)

    Thank you dustydiamond1 and everyone else who commented. I feel better now about leaving his taxidermied body with a family friend, and I'm glad I didn't jump the gun right away and cremate his body. I've been missing The Cat Site. You guys were such a support to me throughout the time my moggy...
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    Did I do the wrong thing? (caution: mention of taxidermy)

    Hi, dustydiamond! It's been a while since I last posted here. I'm afraid my latest update isn't very cheery. Oxley's body isn't ready yet, but after seeing his eyes again, I have grown uncomfortable with his taxidermied body. Even though I bought sunglasses for him, I'm still uncomfortable...