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    Rescue kitten had panleukopenia

    We rescued a kitten who’s whole litter had panleukopenia, 3 of the 5 survived with him being one of the but he was also the runt. He’s now 1.5 years old and I’m noticing some things that I used to just think was because he was a kitten, such as not being very agile, he’s super clumsy and seems a...
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    Normally happy lowkey cat is grouchy because of an injury

    Just an update, we kept them separated for the night and they seemed fine the next day, the vet said to just watch for any hostility and separate if we felt it was necessary. So far they’ve been good! We’re trying to keep him from being wild and jumping on everything until our appointment in a...
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    Normally happy lowkey cat is grouchy because of an injury

    Back story, my 1.5 year old cat seemed to have hurt his foot a bit ago and was fine a day later, no limping or anything. However then last week he slipped jumping onto the toilet (he’s very clumsy) and again limped but then seemed fine. He’s now favouring his foot and seems to be in a bit of...
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    Cat drooling in a cat backpack

    A bit of background, my one cat would drool as a kitten when he’d see bugs outside, he’s since grown out of it but thought it was useful info for the following. We got 2 cat backpacks to take our cats for walks in, they are full mesh so lots of air flow and breeze goes through. My one cat...