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    Hi Cat People

    Been bit since I was here, lots of reasons, I just wanted to say I am doing OK. I miss you all.
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    What is the most amamzing thing you have seen in the sky?

    I would go for the Leonid storm of 2002. so amazing! Most of the show was bloked for me fog and clouds but, a big but at 4am, the clouds broke, and I saw the most amazng thing I have ever seen in my life. there was not one spot in the sky not filed with shooting stars, full on metor storm.
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    Does your cat eating vegetables?

    Ginger does not like veggies. It does not stop her from sniffing my veggie wrap, She will beg lilke a puppy, but just wants a good sniff of what I am eating. It is funny, sleeping cat, wakes up, sniffs, rolls over like a silly with a a most stellar flop.
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    My points are up for grabs

    icklemiss21 Wins! Use the points well, dontate them all back to folks, Please, for me, go gift crazy! LDG, My middle name is Lynne. Ruthyb, yes, leaving , I am taking a break.
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    My points are up for grabs

    All of them, to the person who can answer this question. What is my first name? Be the first to answer and you get my points.
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    Sign petition to stop NJ cat hunt please!

    Keep the cats inside! I did live in a rural area in the woods, I heard the cry of the coyotes, quite lound you little pups, the shrill sound of wild turkeys, they make quite a racket in the trees roosting, deer everywhere, racoons, possumn, ducks, geese, lots of muskrats, and once a cougar. It...
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    Just home from 2 nights in the hospital - stress vent!

    Oh my gosh, big giant Hard to stay calm with all this going on! Do you have a favorite Tv show, a movie, favorite music, a video game, anything that may take your mind off this, if only for a little while? Talk to Lexi, tell her what is going on, that may help you get into a good mind frame...
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    Sign petition to stop NJ cat hunt please!

    Mankind always screws things up. Kill the big cats, and the wolves, now deer are overpoulated, no problem kill the deer! Introduce a new animal! There is the ticket to win. I think of Hawaii, they brought in mongooses (mongeese?) to kill rats. Well, they dont hunt rats, but they have decimated...
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    Sign petition to stop NJ cat hunt please!

    Signed! I included a nice little rant, but that did not make it to the page, oh well.
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    Easter Lillies

    Beautiful but deadly to cats. By the time you see symptoms of poisoining, it is too late. It causes massive kidney failure, and nothing can be done to help if not caught IMMEDIATLY. My best freind lost her beautiful maine coon cat to this, she told me he just bit a little bit of one leaf, no...
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    Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy...OMG! Itchy!

    Oh gosh I feel your pain right now. I have a mass outbreak of hives. Never had them before, so I am guessing they are hives, Itchy nasty big thing things that seem to be grouping togethor. It is lke someone hit me with a big bag of mosquitoes. Absolutly no idea what went wrong , but so itchy!!!
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    Strangest thing your cats have done.

    Ginger does the crazy "run around after pooping" deal. sily girl. Crazy catness. Today went a little bad. She ran head first into my closet door, knocked it off the track and it fell with a big WHOOMP! This at 7am, no need for coffee, quite awake after that. She is OK, though it took a good...
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    Do You Color or Not - Ladies Only

    I was a born a platnium blonde who's hair has turned darker over the many years of my life. It's now a dark "dishwater" or a light "mousy brown" depending on who you ask. Neither are good descriptions of natural hair. *sigh* I am determined to grow out my natural hair color again, got about 2...
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    Yuck or Yum game

    Earl Grey is my favorite, even before Jean-Luc Picard made it famous, "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" Lipton green tea
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    I need quick information! I was bit.

    Lets not completly freak people out, not all cat bites result in an ER visit. I have been bitten many times, some very severe, and not all cats, it is how you deal with said wound. Let it bleed, first off the bat, do not try to stop that, it may scare the bejeuss out of you the amount of...