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    Chiquita Surprised!

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  6. Mojo meets Dusky

    Mojo meets Dusky

    Dusky is a 2 year old tabby spayed female who instantly adopted 5 week old male Mojo
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    Meowing problem.

    This is an interesting query because I have one cat that goes nuts with meowing and sometimes very loud yowling but only when she gets hold of her favourite objects : foam balls. She always brings them to me but late at night and she always meows and sometimes yowls really loud. I end up...
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    Celebrate good times C'mom theres a party over here!!!!

    This is when a HUGE big HURRAH!!! is called for! Your baby is getting back to his big bad self!!!
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    Optimal time to take Elizabethan Collar off after spay

    So, I posted here a couple of weeks ago that Chiquita got spayed. She was very very active from moment one, and because I have my other two cats, one of which is a little nut that considers Chiquita his personal play toy, I've kept them separate for two weeks when not supervised. She had skin...
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    Chiquita got spayed...

    Actually the medication they gave me is called Buprenorphine. Is that one OK?
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    Chiquita got spayed...

    The vet told me she doesn't need to return to remove stitches, because they used skin glue. I'm told to keep the "huge" collar for 10 days, but she can't eat with it, so I'm taking it off for her meals but putting it right back on. I feel bad because I'm keeping her separate from her buddies...
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    Introducing a New Female to M/F cats

    I had a spayed female and a neutered male when I found Chiquita on my doorstep. Chiquita is a tortoishell so I knew right away she was a female. Looked (and proved by vet) to be about 6 months old unspayed female. I had heard about the problem of introducing females to each other so I was...
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    New kitten terrified!

    Your kitten will be just fine!! Keep up the good work and keep him isolates until he is completely comfortable with "his/her" room. Allow short, supervised intros beteween the other cat, the dog and your little humans. It may take a while but your kitten may end up the "alpha" of your house...
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    Odd Cat Behavior, new cat owner

    "Given a choice, virtually all cats will go outside..." That is very true! But I have my doubts. I wish I could let my cats out with no stress, Right now I have a 4 yr old spayed female that I grabbed from the park across my house. She loves the balcony, but does not go further. I have a 2...
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    New Mother cat anxiety?

    It looks like you are her "rock" and she only feels safe around you. If she is not bothered by the constant moving, I would advised to keep her and her kittens near you. It seems to work!