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    Why does my kitty act like she is hungry all the time?

    If you have a kitten you have to double the amount being fed. Kittens require twice the amount of food that adult cats require. JellyBean goes through 2 cans of cat food a day. He only weighs 5 pounds and is 6 months old. He seems a bit on the thin side to me, his hip bones stick out but the Vet...
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    JellyBean won't cover up his if it is diarrhea either, so it could be that. Is she not feeling well that she has diarrhea?
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    quick worm question/thoughts please

    Your vet is going to tell you that all need to be treated. My kitten had worms and I had to treat my dog too even though there was little to no contact between the two. In this case it sounds like there is still a lot of contact between the cats. It won't hurt an animal to be on dewormer if they...
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    i need help

    I can only add that it sounds like your cat is in heat. I had a female cat and that was how she acted, her howling could get down right annoying. She used to scoot her butt on the floor too. How old is your cat?
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    Kitten Neutered, side effects

    Thank you all so much! I had my son monitering everything for me last night as I sat by JellyBean's side. He wouldn't let me out of his site for long. As I typed my message last night I had to have my 13 year old sit with him until I could go right back up. Every time I tried to leave him he...
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    Kitten Neutered, side effects

    I had my kitten Jelly Belly Bean (gosh he's 22-24 weeks old now, my memory isn't what it used to be) neutered today. All went well with him, I got the information about no feeding for up to two hours after I bring him home and no playing for 48 hours. Right now that doesn't seem to be a problem...
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    Dog and kitten

    Update time! I did not use the muzzle and in the end didn't need it. I had to learn to better read my dog! Big shocker eh?! So what we did was continue with Bobbi in leash with the cat free. If either showed signs of stress free time was over. We were eventually able to get to the point where...
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    Introducing kitten to my dog With a twist

    I am a little further along in your situation. I have a 5 year old mutt named Bobbi (girl). Bobbi had only been exposed to cats on a few occasions (so slightly different from your case). September we brought in a 9 week old male kitten we named Jelly Belly Bean. We first introduced them with...
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    Does your cat try to get in the shower with you?

    Jelly likes to sit on the edge of my shower and peek around the curtain at me. He only fell in once while I was giving my 5 year old a bath (boy was that a mess! He leaped out of the shower and ran to his litter box where he layed down! Oh my did I have a heck of a mess to clean up!!). The other...
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    Butt wipes

    Not sure about cats but when my dog Bobbi was sick and had a bit of a mess on her (she has long hair too!) we used flushable wipes to wipe her rear and she was fine (had some around the house while potty training my youngest and now I keep them on hand just in case!).
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    What are Soft Claws?

    I'll go check them out! Jelly has been making his mark known when jumping on the furniture lately. It's not bad but I would like to stop it now! I have yet to figure out why he feels the need to jump with claws out onto the sofa and love seat every single time (he does it even if he doesn't have...
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    Brushing kitten's teeth...when to start?

    I started just lightly rubbing his teeth so he got used to my fingers being in there and then I bought a finger brush, for me it works better. I saw cat toothbrushes at PetSmart but they all seemed to big to me. Hope that helps!
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    I Clipped My Kittens Nails

    Ooh thank you! I will be sure to start clipping his back claws as well!
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    What are Soft Claws?

    Sounds awesome. We weren't planning on declawing Jelly but it would be nice to limit the scratching. Now I shall sound like a retard but how often does the top layer shed so you have to reapply?