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    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    I had one cat similar but not as severe. I spent more time with her introduced some trick training. She needed to know she wasn't the Queen when I was home. Leash walking, very interactive you're in control. Even if you do it indoors to start.. It made her feel more secure, builds up their...
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    Cashews all grown up now (depends on light if coat is cream or choc found interesting)
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    Nursing Mom Has Fever No Milk!?!

    Thank you Mom cat' S purring Loud today she's doing Fab,,!. Me walking Zombie no sleep... mom cats going to be on vacation for awhile. Experienced with. Hand raising, Need bottle instead of syringes life will be So Much Better using water bottles while searching for heating Pad. It can...
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    Nursing Mom Has Fever No Milk!?!

    I worked on her kettle/steam/crate, once she could breathe, ate, she's less stressed knowing she can recover watching her closely. Removed kittens as mentioned. Is there anything else that can hit me,?? thank you for links and replies the best place to contact when it's urgent especially...
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    Nursing Mom Has Fever No Milk!?!

    Update, was so looking forward to kissing whatever she has good bye yrsterday... Instead came home to 5 kittens and mom cat covered in poop,!! her nose was runny now Possible upper respiratory problems she's breathing through mouth while sleeping everyone had baths, exhausted.kittens are fine...
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    Nursing Mom Has Fever No Milk!?!

    Called emergency vets, she's not lethargic at all, she does have milk in some breasts had kibbles mostly today didn't drink hervgallons of liquids, kittens are huge double since yesterday she needs a break. She eats and drinks fine, her nipples etc are fine BUT I was giving her regular moist...
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    Nursing Mom Has Fever No Milk!?!

    Googled it's early morn... Something about not having enough calcium? She has not left her babies for more them 5 mins to go to washroom in 4 days no long breaks she acts crazy without them. She was panting heavy after 3 hours only a little but kinda panics separated her from kittens other...
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    Cat Obsessed With Ice/water

    Someone mentioned cats paw in water bowl I have one female who constantly washes her paws dips in bowl then licks only when we use Clay litter though. offer ice cubes in summer no cube lovers .bought those plastic reusable cubes so no mess if someone ends up playing with it
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    Comment by 'SeventhHeaven' in media 'Ice Blue Eyes Siamese Mix bi-color'

    @will2002 Thank you, fave picture of him...some would say blue point mix or lilac point mix as well. He found an awesome home. :redheartpump: Hard to let him go
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    How Many Pregnancies Before The Mother Is In Danger?

    ?? I've never had male sterilized that was interested in mating :( they have no interest... (Not a 'breeder' but had a few litters...)
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    The Smartest Thing Your Cat Has Ever Done?

    Using the toilet with no training :jawdrop: Minno Rip flushed all the time. Tortie girl climbed over 3 balconies (other tenants reported sightings ) onto a fridge then safely to ground would holler up to me beaming she had escaped:bliss:They love tablet games.....