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    I Can't Tell If I'm Being Paranoid Or If My Cat Is Sick

    I adopted my cat in December. He was abandoned by his previous owner. He was in bad shape. I had to get him treated for earmites, internal paracites, fleas, and multiple wounds from the feral cats nearby. I've had a lot of trouble with his diet. He can't eat any kibble or he has constant...
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    Bored Cat Chewing Wires

    I have an active cat. He needs lots of playtime, somewhere in the hours range, or he gets destructive. He just started chewing on wires. He only seems to do it while I'm around to get attention, but I'm still worried. Bitter spray did not faze him at all. The only toy he wants to play with is...
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    Cat Has Diarrhea. Possibly Food Related

    I wanted to say thanks for the advice, really. I think I might have figured out the problem. He ran in fear because I picked up a paper towel roll to throw it away. Then I caught him stress grooming. I have suspected that he might have been hit by his last owner. This may be a problem that will...
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    Cat Has Diarrhea. Possibly Food Related

    Mr.Kitty has been eating the pumpkin ones for 24 hrs. Diarrhea got worse.
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    Cat Has Diarrhea. Possibly Food Related

    So 3 months ago I adopted a cat that showed up on my doorstep. He had been abandoned by someone in our apartment complex. He had multiple wounds, earmites, and internal paracites. The earmites lead to a yeast infection in his ears. We got him fixed. He had diarrhea, but everyone thought it was...