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    Allergy meds

    Thanks @WMM201 i take hydroxyzine myself and it sure makes me sleepy
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    Allergy meds

    Thanks for the response! I should have said that I am giving the meds to my kitty 😂😂
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    Allergy meds

    Hi all! Anyone have any luck with antihistamine? Which one worked better than another vs. which one didn't work at all? I have gone back and forth with zrytec and claratin but I have no idea if it's working or not.
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    Affordable Alternatives to Pill Pockets?

    Hi @LTS3 I was going to send you a private message, I wanted to ask more, it seems like your cat has an allergy to chicken? So does mine, I didn't want to cloud the forum.
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    Very vocal cat before pooping

    My cat used to meow, start running around and meowing and the do his business. You may want to check with your vet. Do you see your cat straining?
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    Weight Management Foods

    Hi. I'm wondering how weight management formula works in cats? It seems it is lower in calories but higher in carbs than the food I am giving him now. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT LAMB N&D Quinoa Functional Feline
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    Atopica questions

    I started looking at Atopica for my allergic cat, and I was wondering based on personal experience if your cat had any side effects from the medication? If they did, did the side effects resolve? Thanks!
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    Walking outside

    @StanAndAlf how long did that take before they got excited?
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    Walking outside

    I'm still not sure if my kitty likes it. He crys when I put him in the book bag carrier but when I take him out I don't know. He walks around.
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    Walking outside

    Nobody else walks there kitty?
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    Try, try again!

    I feel you @neely as I have spent countless $$ on food but it's good as I end up donating it to the shelter. I'm still on my search
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    Walking outside

    Hi all! I started taking my cat outside once a day when the weather permits. I was wondering who else takes there cat out, how many times per day and duration? More for people who take there kitty on a leash
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    High protein diet + weight loss

    Hi all! Is a high protein (Dry) diet good for cats to lose weight? E.g. I saw a food online, and it was 625 k/cals per cup, but my cat would probably get about 1/4 cup per day... It doesn't seem like a lot of food
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    super picky cat

    That is a fascinating fact, it did start towards the end of the old bag. I have a brand new bag, will open it and see if that makes a diffence. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    super picky cat

    Appreciate the response, he had his teeth cleaned at the beginning of December, and has always been picky with his food his entire life.