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    Can you "overwork" kittens?

    In terms of energy, when they stop, you stop. Energy expenditure is always a good thing. It's essentially exercise, anxiety/stress relief and enrichment. However, to answer the question as seen in the title, yes. If you are trying to force a kitten to play, learn or become comfortable with...
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    Rachel’s strange IBS

    Don't fret. There are some genetic reasons that could be causing teeth rot. Cat's can live long, healthy lives with no teeth at all. It would require some slight adjustments to food and toys, but it's absolutely manageable. You can switch to all wet food, or soften any hard food with water or...
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    Pawing floor at food bowl as if litter box???

    Cats will attempt to cover up food for 2 reasons. First, they try to cover up their own activities as to not alert predators of their location. Also, it's to cover any uneaten food as to not attract others.
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    My kitten is 19 weeks and 7 lbs

    Average is about 1lb per month. So I'd say he's pretty close to being on track.
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    pillow foot doesn't go away

    One of my cats has the same issue. I do know that excessive steroid shots can lead to diabetes. I've been told everything from it could be an allergy to food, to allergic to litter box litter, to dust, or even simple allergies from his environment. I'm still searching for a solution to this...
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    16 yr old cat - sudden temporary hind leg paralysis

    Sorry to have been away for so long. The pandemic is keeping me on 12-16 hour shifts at work. Paralysis isn't the end of the world and many cats and dogs can have wonderful lives even without the use of their legs, but they will require special attention. First and foremost is to find out...
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    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    It's been a while, but wanted to drop a picture of a kitten who looks like he's drunk on formula...and his tummy!
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    Recurring health issues with young cat

    It seems unusual that a vet would be relatively negative before blood work even comes back. I'd wait, as best you can, until the results come back and go from there. While I am not a vet, the antibiotics can cause diarrhea and it's unlikely that the probiotics would be enough to overcome that...
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    Ataxia and back leg issues

    I agree with @fionasmom While the symptoms of degenerative myelopathy are there, only a specialized vet can make that diagnosis. What stood out to me was that it took about 45 minutes for control to be regained. Typical ataxia can be a few days to a few weeks for symptoms to reverse (if at all)...
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    LONG body!

    Same reason people are tall, skinny, have blonde or brown hair, green eyes etc. It's all about genetics. One of her parents could have a gene that made them have a long body and passed it on.
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    How do you follow People?

    Can she take a screenshot of what she sees when clicking on a member? This is what I see when clicking on your name:
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    Gray cat breed

    Most cats aren't just one breed. Most likely she's a grey domestic shorthair, possibly a medium hair. Beautiful eyes, though.
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    I'm sure "passed out from catnip" counts as sleeping:
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    Using prescription food with no prescription

    Also note that there's a difference between actual prescription food (one that a prescription is actually needed to purchase) and prescription-like foods, labeled with words like "science diet", "veterinary diet" or "*insert body part here* care". Prescription foods usually contain ingredients...