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    Vet And Fancy Feast

    Duke only likes Fancy Feast and I talked to my vet about it. She said that it's not as bad as it's reputation, and if that's all he'll eat, it's okay. I was relieved because I was throwing out so much food that he wouldn't eat, as I kept looking for a "better" food.
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    Please Help, My Cat Won't Eat

    My can won't eat much, a few bites now and then, maybe one small can/day. He's a big guy and usually eats 4 cans/day. I took him to the vet yesterday and this morning he just didn't want to eat. And then I read - maybe on another thread here, but I can't find it - a tip that has worked well...
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    Who is this cat?

    Thanks.  I checked that out and one thing they recommend is a food foraging device.  That looks interesting and I think I'll try it.  He loves kicking around a ball so maybe it'll click.  I'm wondering if anyone here has tried something like that.  This is one I'm looking at on Amazon... ...
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    Who is this cat?

    I don't know if this should be in this forum or nutrition, it's a little of both.  Duke is the most loveable cat I've ever had and, as you can imagine, we're very attached to each other.   BUT... lately he's been so trying that I've actually gone out for a while because I couldn't take it...
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    Marty is driving me nuts he is picky help

    That sounds like my guy.  He'll eat maybe an ounce of FF and then beg for something else.  And if I open another can, the same thing, eat a little and then beg for something else.  And then he'll eat something like he's loving it, so I'll buy more, and he won't touch it.  Sometimes, if I pick...
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    Anyone else have an Only-Gravy-Licker?

    Has anyone had any luck with Purina FortiFlora that was mentioned in the Transitioning article?
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    Anyone else have an Only-Gravy-Licker?

    I've been enjoying this interesting discussion for a few days and just joined up. My cat had been on a dry diet and all was fine until he got an intestinal inflammation and the vet said to switch him to wet.  It's been a long journey partly because he's been used to nibbling all day, and also...