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    Anyone Know How Much Prednisone Costs (estimate)?

    Prednisone is very, very cheap. Retail pharmacies don't charge more for "pet" medications. A medication is a medication. Just make sure they do accept and fill pet prescriptions. Also ask nicely if they have a discount card that works for pet patients (Just Rx for Pets is what we use in the...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    I got a crazy idea and made a twist on shepard's pie with ground turkey, tomato sauce, a bunch of spicy curried veggies (onion, bell pepper, carrot, asparagus, peas, & corn). Traditional mash tater top. :) My crazy idea worked. It's really, really good.
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    If You Shop At Trader Joe’s, What Do You Like To Buy?

    My newest TJ's addiction ..
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    Foster Kitten Adventure (1 Sweet + 1 Feral)

    I'm keeping them. It wasn't the original goal when we met. But things change. And it's a very happy ending. :) (PS yes I know it's April Fools Day and I had a really fun day messing with people on Facebook with various tall tales, but this is real haha)
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    Resource For Grieving Or Caregiving

    That's amazing. :hearthrob:
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Snapped this shot of 4 outta the 5 at my place all hanging out last week.
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    Neon Cat Litter

    My foster kittens made litter art during their two weeks on Doxycyline... Felt like I was cleaning up after Jackson Pollock there for a while.
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi with kielbasa, asparagus, & tomatoes all tossed in pesto.
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    Foster Kitten Adventure (1 Sweet + 1 Feral)

    Ok so the girl who wanted to meet them just visited with her boyfriend. It was a little awkward because the little gals hid behind me and stayed super close to me for most of it. But they did finally play a little bit with them toward the end of the visit. The boyfriend mentioned other...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    Potato, onion, pepper, carrot, zucchini and hot sausage with a homemade tomato curry sauce. It's not the most beautiful thing I've ever made but maaaaaaaan it's some friggen tasty. And cheap, too!
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    Chewy Autoship?

    It shows the autoship price on whatever product page you're on, if said item qualifies for autoship (which most, but not all, foods do)
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    Foster Kitten Adventure (1 Sweet + 1 Feral)

    The gal was going to come Wed but I had a fever and sore throat and actually forgot all about her, so I had to cancel when she texted me... She's supposed to come meet them tomorrow. I put a poll on my Facebook asking my friends if I should just adopt them. I mostly did it for fun, AND...
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    Oopsie Pregnancy

    I am assuming this is the stray you wrote about before, and you said Kitty Village place near you wouldn't take her, claiming "no room". But you also said they're always adopting out kittens? So they're sure to take her in if she's pregnant, right? More kittens for them. Perfect solution for...
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    Foster Kitten Adventure (1 Sweet + 1 Feral)

    Chick canceled meeting them tonite, said possibly Wednesday. #mixedfeelings
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    L-lysine In Purina Pro Plan

    Or just add a scoop of this to their wet food. :) Can also be added to their water, but they probably won't drink alllll their water before you change it out the next day, so harder to get the dosing right.