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    Anybody Have Experience With Cat Poop Consistency?

    I agree especially about the dry food feeding. A lot of times poop consistency is reliant on how much water intake a cat is getting. In the wild world,felines are desert animals & being obligate carnivores cats get 80 to 90% of the moisture they need from the game that they eat in the wild. I...
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    Bump Near Eye

    I’m so glad it wasn’t anything too terrible. I had a mother cat who developed a bump between her eyes which grew and would weep sometimes so I took her to the vet and it turned out to be a tumor, she passed on peacefully. I’m replying to your post update because you described that you weren’t...
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    Comment by 'loopycann' in item 'Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats'

    Be sure to keep 'em outta reach!
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    Comment by 'loopycann' in item 'Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats'

    I sure know what you mean. That why I ALWAYS give them out AFTER meals! My sister call them " kitty krack" funny but I don't like the connotations . If I leave them out ,all four will involve theirselves in the theft. Three watch,one will scratch out a patch of plastic on the container till the...
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    Please help with unbearable poop situation.

    Awwww....what an adorable face! We had a cat that had very smelly poo. The vet suspected an infectious entity but before we could complete the testing she died. She ate large amounts but wouldn't put on any weight.Her poo was like puddin and was light in color. Sort of light brownish yellow...
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    My cat "won" the jackpot of illnesses

    Dear, I'm so sorry you and Chloe have to go down this road. There are many other ways to lose her and being prepared( as much as you can) to depart ways will be hopefully an experience you won't have to experience ever again. But.... Always a but. But I've learned that part of having a friend...
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    Took Misha to the vet this morning

    Saw your thread and wanted to inquire about Misha. With the continuos injuries I'm surprised he wants togoback to whomever is causing his pain. Do you live in an area w/ neighbors around? Could a human be doing this? What enters my mind is there is a male cat that is defending territory that was...
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    emergency international flight - airline is asking for "species" of cat

    Wow! Taiwan Tabby!! As been stated he a gorgeous domestic shorthair w/ tabby stripes. Gotta love those ears!will your flight let you keep him128008 127852with you in a unders seat storage 128188 area rather than in the cargo area? I've heard some pretty awful stories about that. If not,can you...
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    Gurl is gone

    I have 4 indoor cats- two Himalayas and a black 1/2 himalaya and an old orange and white toothless tabby. The black kitty 'Gurl' was being evasive and by time I noticed that she wasn't eating and drinking she was bony and very dehydrated. Took her to the vet and feline leukemia was neg as well...
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    Kitten with crushed hind legs! Pleas HELP!!!

    There is a thread by Jennyrosalie on the cat health page.Look this thread up. The kitten had damage to the back and regain most of its function from her attempts at physical therapy she made up. That cat couldnt even defecate at first.Now he can and he can get around pretty good but wear a...
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    scabs at neck, around ears; hair loss

    Oh your poor baby! It's been my experience that all it needs to cause an allergic breakout is 1 tiny flea bite to cause an allergic reaction.Its very possible for a few flea eggs that have been dormant for years,to hatch from this very hot weather we've been having .They could have come in from...
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    Anyone had issues with stricture after PU surgery?

    Well if he does it will be such a relief for him seeing that he is still not tip top and struggling with making peepee.Maybe the vet will work with you as this is the second time adjusting his spigot:D.:vibes:Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. One of the articles discussed why redos were...
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    My old cat is scheduled for pre-dental bloodwork--need support and encouragement

    I think you're great! To sacrifice for a cat is an honor that isn't always appreciated by anyone but cat folks and cats! I'm so glad things are looking up.Prayers for you and Kitcat !:wavey::wavey::wavey:clap:
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    Anyone had issues with stricture after PU surgery?

    I went online and found two great articles 'Perineal Urethrostomy'in cats- at Doctors foster and and "Don't turn your nose up at the PU" a blog on by veterinarian Jennifer Coates. These two blogs were very good and I think might answer EXACTALLY what you are asking.Theres...