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  1. lisalee sweet daughter

    I'm so sorry..........I'm just seeing this now. Rest in peace precious Sadie. Please take care of yourself Lei and Dexter.
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    My sweet angel has passed away

    Thank you all my friends for your kind words. IT means the world to me. I would of posted but the pain was too much to take. I also have had my own share of health problems to deal with so it' s been a very hard year. But coming here and sharing makes me feel better. TAKE CARE EVEREYONE AND...
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    My sweet angel has passed away

    I Haven't been on line lately. mysweets darling Sash has gone to the rainbow bridge a few months ago. He was 16 1/2and Imiss him terribley, He was going down quickly and he devel oped quickly a blood clot. He died with me on the floor right nexr to him. HE was gone when we got to the vet...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone
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    Which is your favorite of these types of cats?

    Wow, this was a tough one! Their all so beautiful. I have to go with the European Wild Cat though. The Andean Mountain cat is a little doll though!
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    Cyber Monday Shopping

    No, I like to go into the stores and see what I'm getting. I don't care much for shopping on line. I'm almost done anyway, only about two more stops for me. We're taking it light this year.
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    Daily Question.................12/01/08

    I have a deck with mostly plants, ferns etc.. I love flowers too and usually put some of those out too. It's always nice to have somewhere to go and sit outside.
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    The Thanksgiving Thread

    We're going out to dinner with my parents. Will's family invited us over too, so we'll probably stop over there later on and maybe eat some more, will see.
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    Happy 16th Birthday Sash!!

    He sure did and a lot more toys too! Sash says thank you everyone for sharing his birthday with us. Please give all your beautiful babies a big kiss from us!
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    Happy 16th Birthday Sash!!

    Today we celebrate Sash's 16th Birthday. We love you so much my sweet baby Sash!! Wishing you many more wonderful years with us! Love, Mommy and your Papa
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    The TCS US Election Voting Poll

    Will and I voted for Obama/Biden.
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    Obama's Grandmother passed away

    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this sad time. May she now rest in peace.
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    Make free donations to animal rescue!

    clicked as always!
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    365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2009

    Congratulations Sev!! I love that calendar and always look at or buy it.
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    Question of the Day - November 4th!!

    Buttercream, vanilla and food