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    Been awhile since I could log in

    It's been awhile. My desktop died and I have been using a slow laptop. Well my 'new' dell is up and running now. I hope to be checking in regularly with everyone! j
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    Suki peeing on covers and careting

    We got rid of the main small blanket Suki was peeing on and she hasn't done it again. When rainy weather is over I will wash the electric bed pad and dry in the back yard in the sunshine. Thanks for all the suggestions. j
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    Suki peeing on covers and careting

    Continuing the saga...Today I am washing the sheets and 2 blankets. I have applied the enzymatic cleaner as per the the directions. The sheets are in drying now, the blankets are in washing. I certainly hope the rest of the day goes better! I am getting blood drawn and my 2nd Covid shot! :yess: j
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    Suki peeing on covers and careting

    We've had Suki almost a year. I think we rescued her in May 2020. She peed on that cover again and I washed it. I think we have enzymatic cleaner with our dogs. Rascal died on April 22nd 2020. j
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    Suki peeing on covers and careting

    Move this thread if it isn't in the right forum. Suki is 5 years old. We got her from the humane society. The litter box is the one that came with the 'starter kit'. We use Arm & Hammer scent free litter in it. Suki just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. I usually scoop the box 2-3 times...
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    The brownie debate

    Warm center under vanilla ice cream :yess: j
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    Shampoo for colored hair?

    When I was dying my hair, I used Treseme for colored hair. Paul Micheal was good too but very expensive. Pantene has waxes in it. It is best to change shampoos frequently. If you can find 2 you like then alternate. j
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    Shaky Eyes?

    As everyone before me has said. It looks like nystagmus. Has the vet checked for a brain injury? J
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Sleeping on a woolen throw. j
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    Good luck! I have never had any luck getting Sukis' mouth open! It might be a 2 person job. If only I could get hubby interested in helping! j
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    High count of mast cells in cat's blood. High suspicion of mast cell nesoplasia :(

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) j
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    Need some help: what is this bug in dry cat food?

    Looks like a tick to me😱 j
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    New kitten panic attacks

    She's a beauty! j
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    Question of the day, Sunday, 31st January, 2021

    I sledded as a child. Where I live we got snow for the first time in two years! j
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    Cloudy and scattered showers. Highs to be in the upper 40s. Lows predicted in the lower 40s. j