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    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    Cebu’s first bday! ❤️
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    Cebu's 1st Bday!

    Hey all! My cat is ONE! A Friday the 13th first bday could not be more fitting for his personality either. I just wanted to share a little photoshoot we did after a recent trip to PetSmart for cat food had me leaving with a $2.97 t-shirt as well!
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    My Cat Is A Total Brat!

    We’ve spoken about it and she is trying!! She just gets overwhelmed easily and forgets to correct him. Honestly, I have never seen a cat more intelligent than this one. I don’t know how to describe it, but his associative abilities are on point. For instance, he loves balls and we would toss...
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    My Cat Is A Total Brat!

    Ok, so he’ll most likely just grow out of it? The last time I had a kitten his age I was 12 and since then I’ve always had older cats so I understand that’s i am just a little out of my depth. (The shelter asked me to foster him while his back healed and my cat fell head over heels in love with...
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    My Cat Is A Total Brat!

    Yes, he is neutered. The whole running out of the apartment thing is more like a game to him, a practical joke he plays on my roommate. As I said earlier he has NEVER done it with me. When I come in he just sits there calmly and waits for me to pick him up and give him kisses. My roommate also...
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    Kitten Coming For Temporary Visit

    Thank you for the update! I was going to say "Good Luck in keeping them apart!" I had a very last minute situation in which I ended up with 2 additional cats for 10 days. I kept them in my bedroom and put my two in my living room, but all four cats ended up on either side of my bedroom door...
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    Liver Disease

    Hi! My kitty was diagnosed with Liver Disease at age 10 and he lived to be 16 (and died from something else entirely!). My vet had him on the wet food version of Hill's Liver Diet (LD) and he HATED it. She switched me to the dry version and that is what he ate up to the day he died. It...
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    My Cat Is A Total Brat!

    Let me start by saying this: He is in no way in danger of being rehomed. He's mine until the day he dies & I am beyond thrilled to get to be his owner (MOST OF THE TIME). Currently though, I AM FED UP. He's a baby & the first kitten I have had in 19 years, so there was definitely an adjustment...
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    Contest Thecatsite Goes To Hollywood - Cat Video Contest!

    My 8 mo. kitten Cebu on his first trip to PetSmart
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    Tips To Keep My Kitten Off The Range?

    I have a 6 month old kitten who I cannot get to stay off the Range. Tonight I caught him drinking out of a pot (with water in it) that I had put on to boil. I am concerned that he is going to get hurt, but honestly have no clue how to teach him not to do get up there. He is fearless- and...
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    Contest Sleeping Cats!

    Misty and Cebu ❤️
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    Urgent! Feral Cat Is Dying

    Is there a rescue near you that you could take her to? I live in Kansas City & we have several here that have special programs dedicated to situations exactly like this! Most of them would make you pay $20 and surrender any rights you ought have to her, but they would treat her until she is...
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    What Color Would You Call My Kitty?

    Ish, yes! She is 11.4 lbs and my vet says that she wears that weight well - as in she shows no signs of being overweight.
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    What Color Would You Call My Kitty?

    Wow! Thank you all! She does have an ‘M’ on her forehead and light green eyes!
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    Altered Behavior After Addition Of New Kitten

    Thank you for the reply! Yes, she does groom him constantly! Also, thank your for the suggestions. I do have multiple litter boxes / bowls / toys, etc. Neither has expressed any dominance over any one and seem to be comfortable sharing all. They just go to whichever is nearest.