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    Laser pointer problems

    In total agreement with those who have voted for letting your cat enjoy the toy that has chosen. @ArtNJ said it best: "I think people that are anti-laser pointer are just projecting how they think a cat's mind should work on the cat. Don't project, let the cat decide. And yours has spoken...
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    I love my cat, but i dont like her anymore.

    Maybe try ear plugs or those headphones that are specifically made for sleeping? They might work well enough to enable you to let the cat in your room and stay asleep despite all of her meowing.
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    Ways to mentally challenge my cat

    Some cats just like to talk, I think. If she's not being destructive or getting into parts of your apartment that she shouldn't, maybe she's just trying to connect with you, rather than complaining. It sounds like you're giving her a happy, active life full of toys and things to do. Smart...
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    Ways to mentally challenge my cat

    Do you have a window with a view of the outside world? Any window at all has been the best 'cat TV' for my kitties, even though our old apartment basically just had a concrete wall outside the window. I guess the slim chance of seeing a bird outside kept her interest? Now we are on the 6th...
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    Anxious Kitty

    My kitty is named Juniper, too! To some extent, both of my cats (Juniper, my current kitty, and Gwen, my first) have been nervous vomiters. Gwen in particular got nervous when she didn't get fed at her usual mealtimes (if, for example, she had a catsitter who could only come once a day, or...
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    Gohan has been very nervous lately - because of the snow?

    I read somewhere that cats are sensitive the kind of big changes in pressure that occur with big storms-- maybe that could be it?
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    Senior cat suddenly overly clingy

    I definitely second the recommendation for a full senior blood panel. When my 15 year old cat started acting similarly, she had a thyroid problem that had gotten out of control despite the fact that she was on medication. She may just be feeling old and creaky, but my sense is that she's...
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    Question about moving into a small place.

    My first cat spent her early years living with me in a small (300 square foot) studio apartment. She sometimes got bored and got into stuff (cat proofing is harder in a small space) but overall she was fine. I had a loft so she had lots of vertical space and we did have a window so she could...
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    Want to Make My Cat Feel Better

    Does she like being brushed? I trained my first cat to enjoy lap sitting and petting by brushing her as a bribe to sit on my lap. My current cat was pretty skittish when we got her, and it just took a lot of time for her to feel secure in a new space. Playtime helped, and giving her spaces...
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    Kitten Doesn't Like Sisal Rope?

    Juniper will use two scratchers-- a vertical sisal-covered pole that's part of her cat tree and a small cardboard that's in the center of a ball tray toy. However, she will not touch for love or money the 'alpine' scratcher that's on an incline, which is too bad because she could get her back...
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    Cat hates carrier - nothing has worked

    Do you have different types of carriers available? My first cat HATED her softsided Sherpa carrier and was very good at clawing at the zippers to keep us from getting her into it, but she was much less scared of the hard-sided carrier we bought for her, and it was easier to get her into it...
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    New Cat Terror

    If redoing introductions doesn't work, there are some great episodes of Jackson Galaxy's show with tips for this kind of conflict. Building up the scaredy cat's confidence through play, draining the dominant cat's energy through play, creating better traffic flow in spaces that seem to cause...
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    Introduction Success! Thank You!

    Congrats, and thanks for sharing your success story, and the adorable pic of your kitties.
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    How Long Do You Play With Your Cat?

    I spend 10 minutes every morning before work playing with Juniper if she's in the mood-- half the time, she's distracted by something that's going on outside the window and doesn't take me up on the offer. Then again after dinner, I'll get out the cat charmer or cat dancer if she asks me to...
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    About Those Litterboxes...

    We could never convince Juniper that a covered litter box wasn't a nefarious death trap. Oh well. If taking the top off the litter box doesn't work and you do need to replace the litter mat, do you need both something waterproof under the box and something that will help clean litter off cat...