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    Cat with Stuffy Nose Won't Eat

    I took a dog crate/cage and covered the top and sides with towels. I put the cat in and used a hand steamer which was directed to the open side towards the cat. It created a little steam room. It helped clear up her sinuses enough to eat. I fed the meal directly after the steam bath. I did this...
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    Vomiting - Not Hairballs?

    I had a similar issue of vomiting with one of my cats. She doesn’t eat grass. The vet and tests couldn’t find anything wrong and suggested a specific food for sensitive stomachs. I did not take that route. Instead I started investigating the food she was eating. I eliminated all dry food, even...
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    What to do with an extremely feral paralyzed cat?

    Others will be along to offer better assistance than I can. Are you able to keep him? I am assuming the bullet has been removed? He is hissing and smacking because he is injured, probably hurting, and scared to death. My suggestion for now is to give him a safe place to be like a big box...
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    Dealing with fleas on a feral I can’t touch - advice?

    My vet said that the solution didn’t taste good so chances were the cat wouldn’t try to clean it off. She also said it just needed to be on the cat for a specific amount of time (can’t remember now) to be effective. The solution migrated from the fur down onto the skin. All I can say is that...
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    Dealing with fleas on a feral I can’t touch - advice?

    Yes...I waited until he was either sleeping or walking by when I squirted him. Most times I got him on the shoulder. It took a couple of wasted doses to perfect my Every time I got him, he would look at me suspiciously, give a token hiss and keep on with whatever he was doing.
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    Dealing with fleas on a feral I can’t touch - advice?

    I have used Diatomaceous Earth on cats and in their bedding which gave some relief. I also used a syringe (without the needle) to apply a topical flea treatment. I practiced with water equaling the dose amount to see how far it would reach. I was able to dose my one feral cat monthly to get rid...
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    Occasional Side Bumping while walking

    We have a cat that does something similar. One thing I noticed with your cat is how fluffed the base of her tail is. Our cat is the same with the tail and we find that she gets herself overstimulated. Maybe your cat is more affectionate during this time?
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    cat goes from purring to biting in a milisecond

    We have a similar cat. We found her across the road. She had been declawed and spayed, yet no one claimed her. We find she is overstimulated very easily and hyper vigilant. She bites, but we get that she can’t help it. She puts herself in time out when it happens. Signs for her are eyes are...
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    Rehoming my cat

    Could you make a catio and give him some outdoor time? I have had to separate my cats as well. The upstairs belongs to one cat and the downstairs belongs to the other two. So far so good.
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    Depression in a 5 yo prior outdoor cat now only inside?

    I have a similar cat like that. I was feeding Squeaky across the road. He definitely did not want contact with me. I slowly moved him over to the yard and then the carport. I worried incessantly about him and when he came for food with a swollen face and scratches, I made the decision to trap...
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    Depression in a 5 yo prior outdoor cat now only inside?

    Try leaving something with your scent on it so he can get used to it. I have trapped and kept 4 outdoor cats. Three are in a catio and one is upstairs with my adult son. They have all made the transition really well. Once you have settled somewhere, he may adjust to a catio. My one cat has...
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    Depression in a 5 yo prior outdoor cat now only inside?

    Have you put any toys ie)little catnip mice, in the room? My outdoor/feral cats love boxes. Are you able to get any Feliway plug ins? You could put a radio on low so there is some soft music playing. Soft blankets. These are items that my own cats really like. What is in the room right now?
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    Somewhere over the rainbow

    I hope you will be the last I lose to FIP...this is breaking me... I don’t know how to do the emoji heart goes out to you.
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    Help for trapping feral cat

    I would trap her with food. Once trapped,put the trap between two chairs or stools. Keep it covered. You can feed the cat through the openings of the trap. The cat can relieve itself through the bottom of the trap. Just put newspaper or litter underneath trap. It’s not ideal, but it’s better...
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    Suggestions for Samantha's congestion

    We have a cat with similar issues. We took a small dog crate and covered it with a towel. We put her in and in the front we placed a clothes/fabric steamer for10 to 15 minutes. It created a steam tent for her. Twice a day and it really helped with the mucus. We would feed her right after because...