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    Frustrated I Can't Give My Cat His Best (outdoor) Life

    I'm home all day, the cats get >90 minutes of active play a day, have every toy imaginable, a fully cattified house and multiple window bird feeders that are kept stocked with seed. I'm willing to try the catio but I'm worried we are going to spend 2-3k on something that doesn't do anything to...
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    Frustrated I Can't Give My Cat His Best (outdoor) Life

    We have two cats, both prior strays. One loves their lot as an indoor cat and despises the outside. But the other...the other yearns for it. We live in an area that has a very high coyote, owl and falcon population. Cats and small dogs disappear every day. A coyote climbed our neighbor's 7'...
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    Cat Acting Guest To Blame?

    Is your guest gone and she's still acting weird? If so, then I would definitely look to her health. But if the guest is still there, that's likely all it is. Maybe the guest has a dog or there's some smell on the guest that the cat associates negatively with.
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    Old Cat Not Eating After Kitten Moving In

    Part of doing proper cat introductions is getting your resident cat 100% comfortable with what is going on when moving to the next step. This introduction has been rushed and your resident cat is stressed. I would suggest that you go backwards in introduction steps. Separate the cat and the...
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    What Was Your Cat's Reaction To Getting A Water Fountain?

    We have two of the CatIt daisy fountains that we use without flower. Both cats took about a week to adapt and now they are champion drinkers.
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    Kitten Inappropriately Urinating On Weekends

    You can move the litter tray all at once. Pick her up and place her in it so she knows where the new location is.
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    New Cat Bullying Resident Cat

    @garygruber, that's just not true. If you've found it impossible to introduce adult cats, you're probably not doing proper introduction technique. It's true that adopting a bonded pair is a lot less work, but most adult cats will eventually accept another adult. @misslyss Congrats! I'm so glad...
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    How To Help Our New Cat Gain Confidence?

    We had a scratching incident too right before things got better. I'll say again, if you can gate the stairs to limit access to one floor when they are together, this helped our situation a lot. For us, there was something about the stairs that made the cats crazy and significantly escalated...
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    How To Help Our New Cat Gain Confidence?

    I have so many photos of our two nearly identical to this on our bed. For some reason it became their primary battle ground, perhaps because it has so many varying heights and areas of territory to 'own'. The body language is definitely fearful for both of them. Helicopter ears, tail flicking...
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    How To Help Our New Cat Gain Confidence?

    This is great news! Once we got to this point, we started gating the stairs when M2 was downstairs, so when M1 would chase they couldn’t run upstairs. Our M2 started finding new safe spots downstairs which helped further increase confidence. Might be worth a shot!
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    My 6.5 Mos Old Devon Rex Kitten Wont Stop Lunging & Biting Us-but Never Scratches, Hisses Or Growls

    All three stray male cats I've adopted have gone through this phase from 6months-14ish months. I think it's a teenage phase for cats that are separated from their moms too early and weren't taught proper cat manners. I've tried everything in the world, and here are the things that I think work...
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    New Cat Bullying Resident Cat

    Hi there! We are about eight weeks into our introduction and around four weeks we had the same issues except flipped. Our resident cat went through the creepy staring, stalking and charging phase when we started letting them just be together in the house. This lasted about a week and a half. It...
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    Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Reformulation

    On my vet's recommendation, my cats get wet and dry food. The dry food she recommended is Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin because one of my cats has dandruff and the other vomits frequently. Since we started this food a year ago, my black medium hair's coat has been amazing and...
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    How To Help Our New Cat Gain Confidence?

    It sounds like things are going well. I might give M2 some more time in the broader house without M1 so she can feel like there are established hiding places and secure areas she can fall back to that are outside of the safe room. Also, if you can play with M2 in the main living areas of the...
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    Help! Cat Meowing Video Clips Wanted

    If you go to Youtube there are literally thousands of videos of cats making sounds.