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    Moving 16yr old cat

    Wish I had great advice for you. I bought three soft carriers, one for each of my cats. And we drove from New York to Florida two of my cats were fine and the other cat crying the whole way and got really sick. He had 105 fever and wouldn't eat for 4 days. I had him on antibiotics fluids and...
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    New member of the family

    Poor baby. She is beautiful. Prayers
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    Funny cat face

    That is precious
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    Bruce Wayne - the "insane" cat

    Hi Bruce Wayne love the name. He's gorgeous.
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    5 in all... so far.

    They are all so beautiful
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    My two pretty girls.

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    Name this kitty!

    I like: Jet Cocoa
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    How did i just find this site?

    Nice to meet you and your cats. I am Karen and I have two boys. :) Jake my 2.5 yr old orange tabby and Patches my 1.5 yr old white and orange tabby. ;)
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    Sleeping Kitties!

    Another of Jake