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    My sweet Pixel left me yesterday :',(

    Such a sweet remembrance you wrote... Pixel was surely loved. 
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    April Picture of the Month: Furry (or Not) Cat-Coats - Time to Vote!

    My father used to tease Sassy about the "ratty old fur coat" she always wears... but we all know she's gorgeous!
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    Dylan Psychically Demands Tummyrub.jpg

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    More Pumpkin Recipes

    That all sounds so good! Isn't pumpkin a wonderful thing? Sadly, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants cook and rarely measure or write anything down... so here's the closest I can come to reproducing my pumpkin dish, which (in honor of Linus) I call... The Most Sincere Pumpkin Cake :-) First...
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    Here's my update, and thanks for the well wishes.

    I don't understand... if it's Legal Aid, but they want $1500, where does the Aid come in? Are there any alternative sources of assistance, maybe some private organization you could try? I would think the women's shelter you're working with would know what's out there, but it couldn't hurt to...
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    My work saga!

    Linda, what a beautiful recommendation! That must make you feel so good!
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    I don't usually post personal things. Need to vent...

    You are so totally RIGHT to be angry about this -- I am too! Consider this: you could walk past a heroin addict while he shoots up and suffer no ill effect whatsoever. But walk past a tobacco addict while he lights up, and his toxins are forced into your lungs. Why is this still tolerated in...
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    Losing my mind, bar downstairs playing music so loud my apartment vibrates!

    I've never understood why people think they have a right to invade your space with their noise! You should not have had to buy all those things to try to make your apartment livable -- your landlord should have done that, and also whatever else was necessary to solve the problem. It's insane...