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    Purple mark in neck after needle biopsy for cat.

    Looks like they hit a blood vessel with the needle. That's a huge bruise.
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    Male or Female?

    That's a soon to be mommy
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    Am I a partial albino?

    Definitely a flame point. Albinos usually have no coloration at all and have pink eyes.
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    Female Cat??

    Look like a girl
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    Does this kitten look strange?

    Looks like it might have hydrocephalus. Either way it needs to be seen by a vet.
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    Can someone give me an opinion about what this scab on my kitten’s back is? Already have a vet appointment scheduled!

    Have you applied flea preventives lately? Could be a reaction to that.
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    Black scabs on cats gums

    Looks like a bacterial skin infection. Needs some medicated wipes
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    Is this stray kitty I took in pregnant? Can't get her into the vet until 8/10.

    Are you sure it's not a boy? She doesn't really look pregnant to me, but at 3 weeks she wouldn't.