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    To my one and only, forever loved.... Gracie <3

    Carolina, I can't tell you how much this news saddens me. I remember your very first thread about this sweet little old lady. She was our Gracie too. Without you she wouldn't have known love and compassion at all and her passing would have come sooner--alone and forgotten. But you changed ALL of...
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    Miyavi my betta!

    I really am sad about your loss. I'm a Betta lover and know what little characters they can be...And even though they don't purr and we can't cuddle with them, we still get attached to them.
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    Turtle makes a friend :)

    Well, I guess my Turtle doesn't mind sharing the forum with another Turtle...since she is soooooooooo darn CUTE!!!
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    Elusive Marbled Cat Filmed

    Yes~~ what a beautiful creature!!
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    Question of the day Tues Nov 22 2011

    I love to go sledding!!! Indiana isn't a completely flat state. There's some wonderful hills around here, Ten minutes to climb the hill and 6 seconds to reach the bottom
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    Question of the day 20/11/2011

    DITTO that for me too. The only Christmas thingy here will be a little stocking I made for Turtle-Dove.
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    What should you be doing instead of being on TCS?

    What should i be doing??? NOTHING and it's wonderful!!!!!!!! And I'm so good at it!!!
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    Thanksgiving Plans?

     I'm feeling so good and have a lot to be thankful for these days. I plan on taking my niece to deliver turkey dinners to families who are struggling .I got a little money yesterday as a gift so I want to do something extra for people this year. We've loaded up the car up with items for folks...
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    How About Some Good News

    thank you sweetie!! I'll try.Thanks
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    Turtle-Dove, Physical Therapist ...At your service

    Turtle has been in complete charge of my exercise plan after this gruesome surgery. She's my coach and motivational "speaker. I can tell she knows I'm better because she's increased the level of my activity!! We went from me flat out in the bed waving her feather on a stick toy in the...
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    How About Some Good News

    ..for a change??? Well, in the middle of all the trauma of almost losing my electricity I forgot to tell everyone about my doctor's appointment on Saturday. The doc gave me straight A's in my recovery!!!! I'm doing a wonderful job on my diet and my other little lonely kidney is healthy and...
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    Everyone needs love....right?

    I saw the pic and knew the outcome!! I can't bear thinking about any of those babies getting snatched by foxes. ... She's precious!!!!
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    Our goofy Billy Boy

    I just want to nuzzle right up to him and give him kissssssses!!!!!!!
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    Spooky, our Torbie

    What a gorgeous little girl!!! Just laying in the sun, wondering what she can get into next. Oh how well I KNOW that expression!!!
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    Describe how your cats move :D

    Turtle's a "darter". when she's happy. She's here, then she there and if you try to focus on her you're asking for a bad case of whiplash! When she's calm or doting on me, she has a slow prance style of gait. Her tail is high and hooked at the end and she puts one paw in front of the other. Very...