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    Kitten isn't at all affectionate

    She's a beauty. Is she playful and eating and drinking well, using her box OK? When she's very sleepy (kittens sleep deep, so there's usually a point where you can pick them up and move them without waking them), I'd use this as the time to hold her and cuddle her and get her used to it. She...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, October 14, 2019

    It's why my jeans are faded and 20 years old and the thousands of dollars in tack is clean and shiny :lol:
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    Study Finds (gasp) Cats Like Their Owners

    It seems too that a lot of people expect the animal to do all the work when it comes to a bond. They won't take two minutes out of their day to give their cat a pat and get them playing with a toy or holding them, so the bond doesn't form. The cat becomes an adult, gets set in their own...
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    Neighbours elderly cat is living on my doorstep.

    If bringing her inside isn't a solution that you can make work, here's a thread that might help you make her an outdoor shelter so at least she's protected from the rain. https://thecatsite.com/threads/what-can-i-use-to-create-a-little-bit-of-heat-inside-the-cat-shelters.383220/#post-4775809
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    Neighbours elderly cat is living on my doorstep.

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    Question of the Day - Monday, October 14, 2019

    A manual cheapo from the drugstore. The pets have a ultrasonic type that does a VERY good job.
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    Birds of a feather

    These amazing birds, Killdeer. If something predatory looking goes too close to their babies, or their nest, they'll start making a racket and "fake" having a broken wing to lure the predator off so the babies can escape. They also don't hop, they walk or run! If you play the video, watch your...
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    Today is National M&M Day

    I'd like to volunteer to be this years official candy checker. Better do a taste test though, just to make sure ;)
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    resident cat seems depressed, should the kitten be returned? please help!

    :wave2: :welcomesign: When we got our youngest female, our oldest female was not very happy and we did a lot of gradual introductions. There were a few moments that were hairy but for the most part, things ironed themselves out. A 4 month old kitten is like a 13-15 year old kid. They're past...
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    Dry food options

    Many members here like Dr. Elsey's brand, but it's expensive. I'd just read ingredients labels (you can do that online) and make sure there's a lot of animal protein in there. If you're worried about dehydration or kidney health, a water fountain might encourage them to drink more to keep them...
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    Today is National M&M Day

    Boy, I miss having kids trick or treating at our door. The downfall to living in the middle of nowhere is trick or treat night is boring :(
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    soybean oil as one of the ingredients in a product

    :welcomesign: I'm no expert, but I looked at the ingredients panel, and it looks like soybean oil is last on the list if I'm not mistaken. We're not fans of soy for pets in food, but, if this is for supplemental use only I'd try it for a month or two on a healthy animal to see what the results...
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    Where Do You Keep The Litter Box?

    Two in a converted closet we opened up and use it for that purpose, and one in the sunroom. Both of these areas are designated "cat" rooms and they're designed for them, and not people.
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    Today is National M&M Day

    I still like the good fashioned old dark chocolate that bites you back. It's a lot richer and a little dab'll do ya. I still think the best is Reeses Cups :thumbsup:
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    Question of the Day Sunday 13 October, 2019

    The thought and the wishing you could sure is sweet, though :wave2: I bet she's very proud of you for your giving nature.