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Hello. I bought my cat George nearly 3 years ago and he was sold to me as a British Shorthair. I love him so much and i really don’t care if is a pure one or not. But I’m just curious because all the times a search on internet about British shorthair they don’t look like my George.He is a massive cat but her head looks smaller than the proper British shorthair. Can someone help to solve this mystery? Thanks
Hey, can someone please tell me what kind of breed this cat is? My parents have just adopted him from a shelter.
I'm new here! I got my Mittens May 2 years ago, from a friend of mine who could no longer keep her. She has thick hair some of it is long. She is very friendly, playful and loving. I have tried to reach out to my friend to see if she knew how old she is and what breed, she did not know. Just curious. Thanks in advance!
I'm adopting this kitten my sister in law rescued a few weeks ago but I'm having problems finding out what breed she is. Can anyone help me determine what breed she most resembles?

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What Breed is My Cat?
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