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Anne, Apr 22, 2014
    • Libberssss7772
      We got her a few months ago, and I have been doing a lot of research on what breed she is. I have yet to find something that matches. I have tried mixing breeds, but I'm still lost. She is VERY energetic, doesn't like to be held or loved on, doesn't sleep all that much, VERY alert to the slightest movement, always ready to attack.
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    • FallenOfTheStar
      I am new here so hoping I am doing this right. I followed the link for asking what breed my cat is and it took me here. So hope this is where my question goes.

      My friend has this male cat she got this summer. Trying to see if we can maybe see what breed he is. Here is his photo. Not the best but he refuses to sit still.
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    • Natalie_Cat_lover_girl
      Hello fellow feline lovers. I found this baby on the street, behind the dumpster of one of the building in our neighborhood, as i was taking out the old clothing to the donation bin. Unfortunately looks like someone just wanted to get rid of it as it was in a cardboard box lined with paper towel and had a small bowl of water in the box. I just couldn't walk by and leave it to suffer, so I took it home and here i am now. Will take it to the vet this week and get it registered vaccinated etc. Unfortunately I have no clue to what breed it could be as I have never seen its parents or anything. I know its a far fetch as it could be a breed or even a mix, cant know for sure, but i was hopping that someone more experienced on here could at least offer their opinions or guesses based on the pictures I have. Thanks in advance, it would mean a lot to me and much appreciated. I love this tiny baby and will take good care of it.


      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    • monica78
      She walked into my life a month and a half ago....we think she's a maine coon mix but then again we are new to cats. Anyone's guess welcome[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Erb021990
      Trying to figure out the breed of my two cats? Hope you can help thanks
    • Erb021990
      [​IMG] What breed can these to be? Thanks
    • FurBabyMomma17
      We've had Nala since July and she'll be a year old next month. I know very little about cat breeds and I would like to see what y'all think she might be!
      And yes, she was born with a tail. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      It may be hard to see in the pics, but I have always thought her legs are shorter than most cats. She's really long and has long hair.
    • Baylie
      Kitten above: Siamese/ragdoll?? Blue eyes and black points, fluffy coat but not bushy. Rescued a few months ago and growing fast!! Any ideas?
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