9 Types Of Cat Furniture You Should Know

Get ready to dive into the pawsome world of cat furniture, where you and your kitty can find endless ways to have fun and unleash their inner tiger!

We've got the scoop on nine different cat furniture types that'll have you and your furball meowing with joy.

This nifty guide will help you tap into your cat's unique needs and wants, so you can choose the furniture that'll make them purr like a boss.

We'll dish out the deets on each type, along with the pros and cons, to help you pick the cat's meow for your fluffy BFF.

So, strap in for a whisker-tickling ride as we reveal the nine types of cat furniture that'll turn your feline's world into a playground of non-stop adventure, chill vibes, and purr-fect playtime!

1. Cat Trees

Cute funny cat and tree in room

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes. These trees inspire exercise by giving your cat a safe place to climb, scratch, and play. Typically, there are multiple levels within a cat tree, providing space for exercise and lounging. Cat trees are large and can come in elaborate or simple designs.

You can find this elaborate cat tree here on Amazon.

The positives to purchasing a cat tree are that this one piece of cat furniture can provide a place to sleep, play, and scratch. The drawback is that cat trees are big and bulky.

You need to have the space to comfortably fit a cat tree in your home, and depending on the type of tree, it can get quite costly.

Amazon offers a simple floor-to-ceiling cat tree here. 

How Tall Should My Cat Tree Be?

A good cat tree should keep your cat entertained. They should be tall enough for sufficient climbing and exercise. Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes, so what is the ideal height? The average, ideal height for a cat tree is about five or six feet tall.

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2. Scratching Posts

Cats need an outlet for their necessary urge to scratch. Providing a scratching post can save your furniture or carpets from being shredded by your cat. Providing a scratching post can give your cat something to attach to or feel safe around as well.

Scratching posts come in different materials, positions, and heights. These posts are often necessary to properly stimulate your cat, often helping with behavioral issues.  Let's take a closer look at your options.

Horizontal Posts

Horizontal scratching posts are great for cats who usually like to tear up carpets. These types of posts can come as a scratcher mat, recycled cardboard scratch pads, or in a scratcher lounge form.

You can find a horizontal cat scratcher lounge here on Amazon. 

Vertical Scratching Posts

European cat sitting on a cat's house. Isolate on white background.

You can find vertical scratching posts that stand-alone or ones that lean up against a wall or other furniture. This style of post is great for the cats who like to scratch up couches or the sides of your lounge chairs.

View this vertical cactus cat scratcher here on Amazon. 

Scratching Posts By Material

Scratching posts come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The surface of your scratching post may be -

  • sisal rope
  • sisal fabric
  • cardboard
  • upholstery fabric
  • carpet

What Is The Best Material For A Scratching Post?

Choosing which material to go for will be up to your cat's preference. In some cases, if a cat dislikes the feel of the material, they will avoid the scratching post completely. You may need to experiment with a handful of surfaces to find what your companion loves most.

Many cats are satisfied with scratching posts covered in sisal. This material is grown around the world and is known to be biodegradable and sustainable. Sisal can imitate the feel of tree bark, which outside cats are prone to scratching.

Sisal fabric is durable and can take years before it requires replacement. Its rough consistency and appeal to our furry friends make it the ideal material for your cat's scratching post.

How Long Do Scratching Posts Last?

The longevity of a scratching post will depend on how often your cat is using it. The time length is also affected if you have more than one cat.

In general, scratching posts will last anywhere from six months to two years and, in some cases, even longer. Depending on what material your scratching post is made of, you can make repairs to your post as needed.

Amazon offers sisal rope replacement for post repair here. 

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3. Cat Houses

blue tabby maine coon cat resting on scratching post cat tree looking at camera

You can find cat houses for outdoor or indoor use. These houses make the perfect hiding spot for your cat. Outdoor cat houses provide a sturdy and safe environment to protect your cat from the elements. Indoor cat houses are comparable to cat beds with a roof.

This cat house on Amazon includes a heated mat and a weatherproofed roof. 

A cat who spends most of their time outside and a cat who loves to hide inside will both benefit from a cat house.  The drawback to cat houses is cleaning them. The cleaning can get tedious, but there are options for machine-washable cat houses to make this easier.

Amazon offers a machine washable cat house here. 

4. Cat Condos

A cat condo is a great choice for a multi-cat home. Typically, these condos will have multiple beds, levels, and even added scratching posts. Cat condos have been called cat towers or luxury cat trees. These pieces of furniture are large; you want to ensure you have the space to house a cat condo comfortably.

This cat condo includes scratching posts and hanging toys here on Amazon

The positives to a cat condo include a space to exercise, options for sleeping or lounging, and provides a hidey-hole for your shy cats. The downfall is the amount of space they take up, and the price tends to be on the higher end when compared to other cat furniture.

You can find a simple cat condo here on Amazon.

5. Cat Perches/Shelves

Cats love to climb. The action of climbing upward is an instinct for your cat and contributes to their needed exercise. Installing cat wall shelves can be functionally and aesthetically pleasing. There are options for shelving available to match any room you have.

View this wall-mounted hammock for your cat here on Amazon. 

Cat perches and shelves are unique and offer your cat the chance to climb high. They can use these areas as a nap spot too. This type of cat furniture is not suitable for larger cats. If you have a large breed cat or one that is overweight, these shelves are not a good choice. Keep in mind the installation process as well. You want to ensure that any shelf or perch is installed correctly to avoid damage to your wall and avoid the risk of your cat getting hurt.

Amazon offers a floating wall shelf, including a scratcher here. 

How High Should Cat Shelves/Perch Be?

You can create a wall-mounted city for your cat, but how should your shelves or perch sit?

Your shelves or cat perches should sit five feet above the ground for an adult cat. If you are installing a perch for a kitten, this perch should sit only two feet above the ground.

How Do You Space Cat Shelves?

You want enough room between your cat shelves to allow your cat to jump and stretch and also move from shelf to shelf comfortably.

When installing your cat shelves, there should be a vertical of 10 to 17 inches and a horizontal space of 11 to 18 inches.

If you want to place your starting shelf a bit high from the ground, consider getting a scratching post, cat tree, or other items that your cat can climb to reach the shelf.

Amazon offers a scratching post that can be mounted to the wall here.

6. Cat Window Perch/Shelf

If your cat loves to sunbathe, a window perch or shelf could be perfect for them. These window perches come in different styles. You can find window perches or shelves that are hammocks, basic suction-cupped shelves, or ones that double as a scratching posts. This cat furniture saves space in the home by providing an elevated cat bed versus one on the floor.

View this window cat hammock here on Amazon.

Some drawbacks with window perches are the cables that attach the shelf to the window. Your cat may be motivated to chew on these cables, possibly damaging the furniture or their teeth. Windows and suction cups may need to be cleaned regularly to ensure a secure connection.

Amazon offers a large window perch here, including a fleece blanket and toy for your pet. 

7. Cat Beds

Cat beds are basic cat furniture that gets a lot of love. Providing your cat with a warm, comfortable space of their own brings them a sense of security.

If your cat ever needs to travel with you, cat beds are easy to take along for comfort. Cat beds come in all colors and sizes. You can find super fluffy ones, basic flat cat beds, enclosed beds, and much more.

Have a look at this plush round cat bed here on Amazon. 

Keep in mind that you will need to wash your cat's bed periodically. There are heated cat beds available, but keep in mind the hazards these beds may present.

View this wool cat cave bed here on Amazon.

Read more on our blog post, "9 Luxury Cat Beds That Will Make Your Kitty Purr With Joy."

What Material Do Cats Like To Sleep On?

Cat beds come in many types of materials. You can find beds made of polyester or plush, foam, wool, cotton, and other fabrics. Cats can be picky about what they sleep on, and having the wrong material may motivate your pet to ignore the bed completely.

Cats are known to like any of these mentioned materials for sleeping. They like comfy and fluffy, but we all know how much a cat appreciates a cardboard box as well. Deciding what material your cat likes to sleep on will ultimately be up to their individual needs and preferences.

8. Cat Walks

Cat Walks can be used to connect cat shelves or to create extravagant pathways through your home. Walkways can take up a good amount of space but are well worth it.

These walkways give your cat an entire extra layer of ground to explore in your home. Some drawbacks would be the design and installation process required. These projects can be costly and time-consuming.

How Wide Should A Cat Walk Be?

Catwalks should be at least 10 inches wide. This allows enough space for your cat to turn around comfortably or for two cats to pass each other. Catwalks can be built indoors and even flow into an outside area.

9. Cat bridges

You can incorporate a cat bridge into shelves, and walkways, or have them as standalone cat furniture in your home. You can use these bridges to connect cat trees or cat condos as well.

View a wooden, wall-mounted cat bridge here on Amazon. 

Cat bridges, like shelves and catwalks, can end up costing a lot and take a bit of effort to install. If you have the time and funds to invest in building a jungle gym for your cat, do it!

In Summary

Cute funny cats and tree on white background

There are many options to consider when choosing cat furniture for your home. We covered a lot here, but the DIY projects and custom-made furniture for felines go even further than this article.

Pay attention to your cat and get a feel for their personality, needs, and wants in the home. This will help you choose the furniture that best suits them.

We hope this article gave you an informative introduction to cat furniture that is available to you and maybe inspired an idea or two for your home.


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Silver tabby cat with scratching furniture, 9 Types Of Cat Furniture You Should Know

blue tabby maine coon cat resting on scratching post cat tree looking at camera

Cute funny cat and tree in room

European cat sitting on a cat's house. Isolate on white background.

Cute funny cats and tree on white background

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    yummy treats, lickables are the only way we can trim our cats nails without having it sound like we're torturing the poor thing
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