Twelve Heartwarming Cat Rescue Stories Shared By Our Members

We are fortunate to have cat lovers from across the globe share successful rescue stories here on the forums.

Here's a small selection, based on a recent call we made for rescue stories with a happy ending.

Care Bear

I found Bear in my neighbor's barn. The mother had moved the rest of the litter and left her behind. She was still nursing so I bottle-fed her.

She slept in a birdcage by my bed so she wouldn't get lost and I didn't have a carrier to keep her in. She'll be 14 years old in March 2014. - carebearbaby1

Dad's Favorite

We found Mr. Kitty in the ditch of a country road. He was six weeks old, starving and screaming for someone to save him.

He followed us for two miles home before he'd let us catch him. We fed him a sample of wet dog food that we'd gotten in the mail because we didn't have anything else.

He was so skinny that after he ate and was sleeping on my lap I could feel the food in his intestines. He was my Dad's "only son" until he died 3 years later then he came to live with me. He's now 11 years old. - carebearbaby1

Groomed Once Again

I saw a stray, dirty and skinny, young cat sometime back in April. I saw him while we were driving along a freeway and something inside me told me I had to help that cat.

The most rewarding happy moment for me was seeing him getting himself groomed back to clean (especially after I tried to groom him by rubbing him with a stick and a wet towel on the other end).

Therefore going from survival mode, to 'I actually have time to get myself together and clean.' - Penelopess


My Best Friend

One day as I was walking to my truck to go home after a day of college, I heard a faint meow. I stopped and called for the cat, hoping it would show itself.

Out from underneath my truck came a small, grey tabby kitten, no collar or anything. She was only about six months old.

She was so loving and sweet that I scooped her up and took her home with me. Two years later we are still best friends! Her name is Pancake. - taylerhill

Best House Cat

Maestro was a stray who showed up at the farm I worked at and became my constant (and talkative) shadow.

He disappeared after a couple of months and when he re-appeared, he was extremely sick and covered in wounds.

After weeks of special care and further weeks of dealing with aggressive behavior which stemmed from my possessiveness, he settled into our home and became the best house cat a person could ask for. - ChaseTheBLUE

Screaming for Survival

Muffin was a kitten from a feral community that lived near my apartment.

The mother moved the litter to the crawl space under my duplex and Muffin crawled up into the wall behind the shower and screamed for 24 hours until I called my sister to come to pull her out. She wasn't weaned yet so I bottle-raised her.

She's now 7 years old. - carebearbaby1

Fluffy Brown Tabby

I adopted Lilly from the shelter. She was a stray and since she's not unusual looking, just a fluffy brown tabby no one wanted her.

She's the sweetest cat I have. She was around 10 months when I adopted her and she's 7 now. - carebearbaby1

Fat and Happy

Sammy was brought into the kennel where I work. He was starving, dehydrated, had a horrible infection in both eyes and a bite wound on his head.

The people who rescued him had already taken him to the vet where he had received sub-q fluids to keep him alive.

He was only about 4 weeks old and they didn't know how to care for him. He was on antibiotics, eye ointment and had to be bottle-fed often to keep up his fluid intake.

He pulled through and is now a fat and happy 6-year-old. - carebearbaby1

One of those Cats

I adopted Toby from the shelter when he was barely 8 weeks old. His mother's owner had multiple cats and just kept letting them breed and dumping the kittens at the shelter.

He is much more reserved and shy than my other cats, maybe because of where he was born. He'll be 6 years old soon. - carebearbaby1

Little Monster

Monster was found at a feed mill when he was about a week to 10 days old. His rescuers tried to care for him, but after one night realized they were in over their heads.

I'd never had a bottle kitten that young and having to potty him after feedings was a new experience. We called him Seymour because he was always screaming for food.

After months of caring for him I found that I couldn't give him up and since the most common phrase said in my house since he was old enough to get around was, "You little monster!" I changed his name. He's now 8 months old. - carebearbaby1

Barn Kittens

I was contacted by a friend of mine who was trying to home a litter of barn kittens that absolutely couldn't stay where they were.

I agreed to take them on as fosters, but one look at their sweet little faces changed that plan in a heartbeat. These are Miami and Cairo. - ChaseTheBLUE

Home for Christmas!

Harry was an older shelter cat, who was very aggressive to other cats. He had to be contained alone in the storage room where he could not hurt other cats.

Months later of struggling with the mentally ill feline, Harry has FINALLY FOUND A FOREVER HOME!!! And in time for Christmas!!

The woman who adopted him had lost her single cat recently, and she wanted another cat to be single in her home. What a perfect fit! - Draco


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2 comments on “Twelve Heartwarming Cat Rescue Stories Shared By Our Members

4kittens February 23, 2014
After working in my yard I heard little cries coming from underneath our shed.  We were a bit panicked because we have seen many possums coming and going from under our shed.  It was getting dark so one by one we pulled the babies out and took them to the nearest vet. They were only a week old but healthy so we brought them home and the next day started to contact rescues and animal shelters. What an experience that was, not one rescue wanted them due to the care they would need and the shelter told me they would probably be euthanized.  I was horrified hearing this and would not even consider such a thing although I was  highly allergic to cats I was going to make sure these sweet babies were healthy, warm and bellies full.  I took off work to be able to bottle feed them and my husband would poop and pee them!  After only a few short days they became family and we love each of them so much.  I was so concerned that I would get deathly ill but I got on my knees and had a talk with God because I could never ever give up my babies.  I knew absolutely nothing about cats but I am learning all I can to raise healthy loveable
kaitlyn123 January 3, 2014
I love my fat cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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